Mike Adams Discusses China with JR Nyquist and Dr. Yan Li-Meng

by Mike Adams, JR Nyquist, Dr. Yan Li-Meng [5-25-2022].

This is a VERY IMPORTANT in depth follow up on the podcast we posted a couple days ago on 5-23-2022 about China. I don't have a good written summary at this point, so you will need to listen to the video. It won't do any good to become fearful. Please pass this information on to many others and focus on alerting people and officials who can help stop this pending disaster.

Listen to Mike Adams, JR Nyquist, Dr. Yan Li-Meng

Mike Adams

JR Nyquist

Dr. Yan Li-Meng

China's Command Theaters


JR Nyquist: https://jrnyquist.blog

Dr. Yan Li-Meng: https://twitter.com/DrLiMengYAN1