Mike Adams and “Liberty Man” John Moore discuss China’s impending INVASION of the United States

by Mike Adams [5-23-2022].

Note: Mike Adams discusses with John Moore the build up & possible invasion of the United States by China & they also reference insights from J.R. Nyquist. The following are a few notes from their discussion, yet it is best to listen to their full discussion & factor their observations in with what else you know. This can be stopped if enough of the right people wake up and take appropriate actions.

John Moore interviewed J.R. Nyquist yesterday to discuss a possible invasion of the United States. The Chinese Communist have over 900 cargo ships (cargo & container) loaded and ready to go with everything they need to invade the United States. Keep in mind that containers can be loaded with missiles that can be launched directly from the container.

Nyquist believes that China will first attack us and then simply starve out Taiwan via blockades. They don't need to actually invade Taiwan. Taiwan has some of the most advanced electronic chip manufacturing in the world, which they wouldn't want to destroy.

The United States has been transferring weapons to the Ukraine region, thus depleting our ability to protect our mainland.

If China invades us, they will come in from Canada & Mexico in addition to the West coast. The "blue" states will be complicit. Since most of these politicians aren't students of history, they won't realize that once they are no longer useful, they will most likely be eliminated. The Biden Administration is compromised & will probably just hand over the Western part of our country.

For a long time, the Chinese have identified politicians who can be manipulated & supplied funds to help put them in positions useful to the Chinese. Obama & Biden are compromised, along with many others.

Because of their looks & training, the Russians can easily blend in among us throughout our country. There are known examples where they have established military activities designed to blend in. The Chinese have a more difficult time to blend in except in their own communities in the United States.

Our satellites can monitor the movement of these 900 cargo ships, but will the military take appropriate action to protect our country if Biden tells them to stand down?

Listen to the full interview to better understand what is at stake.