Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov speaks of West’s agony & Russia’s approach to any future talks with Kiev


by TASS Russian News Agency [4-19-2024 published]. (Maybe the West should have listened to Russia’s concerns more than 10 years ago when Russia made it…

Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon – Ukraine Guaranteed Collapse, Iran Proved that best US & Israel Defense Ineffective, Time to STOP Israel Escalation


by Garland Nixon [4-18-2024 published]. (Both Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon have serious military backgrounds that they bring to the table in this discussion. It…

Pepe Escobar: Iran’s ‘New Equation’ Reaches Way Beyond West Asia


by Pepe Escobar [4-17-2024 published]. A Holy of the Holies was shattered in the Holy Land as Iran staged a quite measured, heavily choreographed response…

Iran’s ‘Strategic Patience’ leads to Serious Deterrence against Israel & the West


by Pepe Escobar, at The Cradle [4-16-2024 published]. Iran’s retaliatory strikes against Israel were not conducted alone. Strategic partners Russia and China have Tehran’s back,…

Scott Ritter & Clayton Morris – As an American I’m SCARED over what’s happening with Israel & Iran


by Redacted [4-15-2024 published]. (Listen to the above excellent discussion & then read the following analysis by Scott Ritter. – RAD) Checkmate by Scott Ritter…

Danny Haiphong & Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon: Iran-Israel War has Begun and the IDF is FINISHED


by Danny Haiphong [4-14-2024 published].

The Iranian Missiles of April


by Scott Ritter [4-14-2024 published]. Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel will go down in history as one of the greatest victories of this century. I’ve…

Sergey Poletaev: Here’s Russia’s plan for Ukraine for this summer


by Sergey Poletaev [4-12-2024 published]. (This is another perspective on Russia’s war of attrition in Ukraine. I’ve seen some recent estimates that for each Russian…

Scott Ritter & Nima Alkhorshid – Ukraine Committing Suicide


by Dialogue Works [4-11-2024 published]. (Scott Ritter is on an important rant about how short sighted the entire West, including NATO, Europe & the US,…

Scott Ritter & Nima Alkhorshid – Russia Has Knocked Down Ukraine’s Army & NATO’s Strategy


by Dialogue Works [4-8-2024 published].

Declassified Docs Reveal Explicit NATO Pledge Not to Meddle in Russia’s Neighborhood


by Ilya Tsukanov [4-6-2024 published]. (Many people for a long time have pointed out that there were high level agreements between Russia, NATO, the West…

Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon – France, NATO, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Taiwan, China, Southern Border, Election


by Garland Nixon [4-4-2024 published].