Colonel Douglas Macgregor: ‘Ukraine Is Being Annihilated’

by Stephen Gardner [8-31-2023 published].

(Colonel Macgregor is one of the few knowledgeable military men with extensive experience who understands what is happening in the world, including Ukraine, Russia, & the United States. The Dem/Rep uniparty, military-industrial complex, Washington DC, media, & many others are simply not honest about what is happening. Listen to this sobering assessment all the way to the end. — RAD)


  • 0:33 Biden trying to make it hard for next US President to pull out of Ukraine war but republicans and democrats are both interested in this cash cow.
  • 3:47 Col. Macgregor lays out three ways this war will end. One is Russia marching to Western Ukraine until NATO comes to the peace talks table
  • 7:50 European countries worried about going broke by helping Ukraine
  • 10:35 Mex Blumenthal says contractors in DC fly Ukraine flags but are making millions off this war
  • 14:20 Crime is out of control and politicians don't care
  • 17:00 Th US southern border is a massive crisis that will change America
  • 18:50 Illegal immigrants are given $2200 a month while American seniors only given $1400 of social security
  • 20:40 Banks and Wall Street want to own all physical assets and return us to serfs
  • 23:15 how would Trump or RFK jr end this war?
  • 26:00 Ukraine trying to pull US military into war with Russia
  • 29:30 Why was VP Biden using fake emails to communicate incognito?
  • 32:25 It will take a decade to recover from Biden's policies and spending
  • 35:00 USA is falling apart because they aren't fixing infrastructure in the country


Our Country Our Choice The existential threats to the American people are not thousands of miles away on some foreign battlefield. The threats are here, at home. Our War-fighting Readiness is dangerously low. The Pentagon leadership is more interested in woke politics than war fighting. This cannot continue. Incidents of human trafficking have skyrocketed in recent years. The most vulnerable members of our communities, including women and children, are being sold and abused for profit. This must stop. OUR Country Our choice (OCOC) will give “We The People” the tools, information and skills to proactively preserve and strengthen the security, prosperity, and moral fabric of our society.

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