Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov speaks of West’s agony & Russia’s approach to any future talks with Kiev

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov by TASS Russian News Agency [4-19-2024 published]. (Maybe the West should have listened to Russia's concerns...

Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon – Ukraine Guaranteed Collapse, Iran Proved that best US & Israel Defense Ineffective, Time to STOP Israel Escalation

by Garland Nixon [4-18-2024 published]. (Both Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon have serious military backgrounds that they bring to the table in this discussion. It...

Pepe Escobar: Iran’s ‘New Equation’ Reaches Way Beyond West Asia

by Pepe Escobar [4-17-2024 published]. A Holy of the Holies was shattered in the Holy Land as Iran staged a quite measured, heavily choreographed response...

Scott Ritter & Clayton Morris – As an American I’m SCARED over what’s happening with Israel & Iran

by Redacted [4-15-2024 published]. (Listen to the above excellent discussion & then read the following analysis by Scott Ritter. - RAD) Checkmate by Scott Ritter...

Scott Ritter & Nima Alkhorshid – Ukraine Committing Suicide

by Dialogue Works [4-11-2024 published]. (Scott Ritter is on an important rant about how short sighted the entire West, including NATO, Europe & the US,...

Scott Ritter & Nima Alkhorshid – Russia Has Knocked Down Ukraine’s Army & NATO’s Strategy

by Dialogue Works [4-8-2024 published].

Declassified Docs Reveal Explicit NATO Pledge Not to Meddle in Russia’s Neighborhood

Meeting between NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner and Russian President Boris Yeltsin at the Chateau du Stuyvenbergh, December 9, 1993. From...

Dmitry Trenin: Russia is undergoing a new & invisible revolution

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a meeting with election campaign workers at the Grand Kremlin Palace,...

Are 500 years of Western Dominance Coming to an End & What Comes Next?

by Interview Editor, Felix Abt, Eastern Angle [3-22-2024 published]. (WOW... The conflicts being experienced in the world today go back hundreds of years. Much of...

Scott Ritter & Nima Alkhorshid – Ukraine’s Army is Done and Destroyed; Terrorist Attack in Moscow

by Dialogue Works [3-28-2024 published]. (WOW. This discussion is filled with a lot of useful information about what is going on in Ukraine & how...

Scott Ritter & Judge Napolitano – On the Brink of Nuclear War; CIA, Moscow Crocus Attack, Israel, France, Ukraine, NATO

by Judge Napolitano - Judging Freedom [3-26-2024 published].

Scott Ritter & Nima Alkhorshid – Russia Not Overreacting, Yet Destroying NATO’s Strategies & Ukraine’s Army

by Dialogue Works [3-24-2024 published]. References Le Nez du Chameau (The Camel's Nose), by Scott Ritter