The Wartime Presidency – Part 0

by SLAG: The Wartime Presidency [12-3-2021].

The introduction. A four part series that examines a “fail safe” option for saving the American Republic.

All through this I can’t get around the nagging feeling that we’re not thinking BIG enough.

First, I’m going to ask you to table (for now) everything you know about election law and the US Constitution. We cannot look to either for answers for what I’m about to discuss.

On Free Atlantis & other platforms; Andre, Duane & Brian Cates, Kyle (Just_Human_7), Patel Patriot, Praying Medic (Dave Hayes), Dave from the X22 report, and many others have been speculating about how the Stolen 2020 election can be returned to its rightful winner - Donald J Trump.

When this is all over, all of us are going to be partially correct in our analysis.

We are all looking at a chessboard in a box - we cannot see the individual moves, but occasionally we get to see a snapshot of the game (sometimes only a piece of the board). We must speculate about what moves occurred in between and what moves are coming next.

What I’m going to show you over a several part series of articles is a possible “last resort” or “fail safe” scenario by which Trump could come back to the White House. Please keep this in mind; this is one of several possible avenues that Trump might use to reclaim the presidency, it’s certainly not a prediction. Right now, no one can predict what might happen - not even Trump.

Why is the Constitution not relevant to this scenario?

Because it’s recently occurred to me that the US was invaded by an enemy nation in 2020 - and that invasion displaced a legitimate, legally elected government.

I know that sounds absurd but stick with me for a minute.

This invasion wasn’t in the traditional sense, with ships, aircraft, troops, and tanks; it was with social media, corrupted politicians, voting machines, a virus, and protesters.

Consider the following known enemy actions;

  1. Successful theft of the 2020 election
  2. Successful censoring of conservative viewpoints on mainstream social media platforms
  3. Successful suppression of facts that were damaging to the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden
  4. Successful infiltration of MAGA in order to provoke the incident that occurred on January 6, 2021 - providing political cover to brand MAGA as a domestic terrorist threat
  5. Successful flip of the US Senate and Successful hold of the US House of Representatives - handing over the legislative branch of government to people friendly to the enemy’s interests
  6. Successful inauguration of Joseph R. Biden as the 46th President of the United States, a politician known to be financially and politically compromised to foreign governments

Whether kinetic or 5th Gen warfare, the result is the same - a legitimate US government was forcibly removed and a puppet government was installed in its place.

The Central Powers (Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy) in WW2 did this all the time in countries they occupied;

  • Hellenic State (Greece)
  • Government of National Salvation (roughly Serbia)
  • Lokot Republic (Occupied USSR)
  • Belarusian Central Rada (Belorussia)
  • Quisling’s Norwegian National Government (Norway)
  • Independent State of Croatia (Croatia - at the time, Yugoslavia)
  • Italian Social Republic (Northern Italy - established by Germany after the allied invasion of Italy and Mussolini’s government collapsed)

However, this brings us to a problem. If a puppet government is actually installed in Washington DC, why does the enemy seem to be on the losing end of events in Washington and abroad?

To recap;

  • Failure to pass restrictive gun control legislation
  • Failure to pass the Build Back Better plan with the pro-communist parts intact
  • Failure to pass the Green New Deal
  • Failure to stack the Supreme Court
  • Failure to stop 2020 election audits
  • Failure to stop the AUKUS deal
  • Failure to stop F-35 sales to Japan
  • Failure to stop US military aid to Taiwan
  • Failure to secure mineral rights to Afghanistan
  • Failure to impeach President Trump - Twice
  • Failure to implement US vaccine passports
  • Failure to implement US vaccine mandates
  • Failure to keep Chinese products flowing into the US smoothly - hurting the Chinese economy
  • Failure to implement a US social credit system
  • Failure to stop alternative social media platforms
  • Failure to prevent collapse of China’s real estate market
  • Failure to demolish the wall Trump built
  • Failure to close GITMO
  • Failure to protect their incumbents from losing to Republican challengers (save one exception - Gavin Newsom in California)
  • Failure to maintain control of the US educational system (they’re losing control rapidly)
  • Failure to stop the Ghislane Maxwell trial - make no mistake, this is a broadside against the USS Deep State, things will be made public in this trial that the public was never meant to know
  • Failure to stop the Durham investigation
  • Failure to stop courts from issuing preliminary injunctions that stop vaccination mandates
  • Failure to successfully prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse for murder, which would have effectively removed the 2A right to use deadly force to defend one’s life
  • Failure to expose or circumvent President Trump’s PEADS or EO’s that he left behind for the Biden administration
  • Failure to bring an indictment against Trump
  • Failure to prevent Americans from uniting under a pro-constitution political banner
  • Future - Failure to hold the house and senate
  • Future - Failure to protect their incumbent District Attorneys from challengers
  • Future - Failure to protect Roe v. Wade from SCOTUS
  • Future - Failure to prevent SCOTUS from expanding the 2A - the case will involve the question of “bear” as in the freedom to leave one’s house with a weapon in case of confrontation, with no need to “prove” the odds of such confrontation to the government

Ladies and gentlemen - look at that list of fail!

If this is a puppet government, this is the absolute worst and ineffective one I’ve ever seen.

It’s almost if China would have done better had they decided to stay out of the 2020 election and left Trump where he was. (Hint: that’s classic Trump - when dealing with Donald J Trump, always take the first deal and negotiate. You never tell this man no if you want to win) We see a contradiction here;

  1. We know the 2020 election was stolen
  2. The people who stole it aren’t winning - they’re losing!

I like contradictions. They’re always an indicator that you’re right over something interesting. Contradictions are a cheerleading squad that pump up your enthusiasm to keep digging in your research and reasoning.

Consider this with me;

Ordinarily, a successful invasion and installation of a puppet government would mean the invaders would get whatever they wanted.

But here’s the thing - they’re not. The fact that China and Iran keep losing right along with the Neofacists is a huge data point. It begs the question;

If their victory was complete, why do they keep losing?

Here’s a possible answer;

The invasion was through subterfuge, corruption, propaganda, and electronic means - not physical force with soldiers and weapons.

Therefore it’s inherently unstable.

This wasn’t a traditional invasion; it was done electronically and through politics and media. As a result, there’s no enemy holding force here in the US. Oh there are enemy agents, that’s a foregone conclusion - what I’m talking about is a holding force with enough equipment and soldiers to occupy all 50 states. That force doesn’t exist. The enemy’s strength is also his weakness.

If states and American citizens simply refuse to cooperate or refuse to do what they’re told - the enemy can’t really do anything about it. Remember there aren’t soldiers here, so if Texas decides to defy the puppet administration - China cannot send an armored division to Austin and arrest a bunch of people and stomp those Texans back into line.

If this premise is true, then this situation has no precedent in US history. We’ve been looking to the Constitution to provide a roadmap and a way out of this quagmire, and it can provide some answers of how we might emerge; but, the Constitution ISN’T the place to look for HOW Trump gets the White House back.

If that’s the case, what we’re seeing goes far beyond a presidential election. If I’m reading the situation correctly, Trump has hinted that the world is at war.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, World War 3 started in late 2019.

In this series of articles, we are going to try to answer the following questions;

  1. If we can’t look to the US Constitution, where do we turn?
  2. How will the legitimate US government be reinstated?
  3. How do we emerge from devolution?
  4. Will there be trials?

We will be examining these topics in future articles. I thank you for your interest, and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

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Until next time,