The Wartime Presidency – Part 3

by SLAG: The Wartime Presidency - Part 3 [12-18-2021].

The trial of the millennium! Monday night RAW!!

Note: Be sure to listen to the excellent interview at the end of this article where two great researchers share their different perspectives on the importance of what is happening and how this might all unfold.

We’ve talked a lot about current events, we’ve talked about what may have happened in the United States, and we’ve talked about a potential government-in-exile and touched on a extra-constitutional return by Trump to the White House.

Now we are going to get into some new territory - and examine how this might be done

Let’s recap several things we’ve discussed so far;

  1. The election was stolen
  2. The United States was invaded and a puppet government was installed in the place of a legitimate one
  3. The actual, legitimate government is in exile, under the stewardship of President Donald J Trump

On May 10, 2021 a statement was released from Trump’s website that mentioned the stolen election. The pertinent sentence was;

“If a thief robs a jewelry store of all of its diamonds (the 2020 Presidential Election), the diamonds must be returned.”

The full statement can be found here:

Here’s the thing that I know; Trump wouldn’t make a statement like this unless he was going to make a move.

  • Releasing a statement like this and then telling MAGA to wait for 2022 & 2024 isn’t like Trump - that course of action doesn’t return anything.
  • Releasing a statement like this is passing a point of no return - MAGA will not tolerate anything less than a returned election now
  • Releasing a statement like this and then playing nice with the people who stole the election, observing protocol and decorum doesn’t make sense. That behavior doesn’t fit with who Trump is. Oh, he’ll play nice with enemies until conditions are favorable to strike…and then he will destroy their careers, their businesses, and their reputations. He’s done it for decades… and earned a reputation in the business world as a man you never cross.
  • Trump knows that MAGA has frayed nerves right now. The stolen election, Trump appearing to do very little month after month… make a statement like this and then not following through is quite frankly dangerous. It wouldn’t take much for a bombastic individual to fracture MAGA or worse, try to lead an armed insurrection against the current puppet government. If MAGA fractures, the republic is lost. If the American Republic is lost, if that shining city on a hill is gone, so too is the world. Trump knows this as well as anyone.

All these points indicate a move is coming, a gathering storm on the horizon.

Here’s a apt quote;

“I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.”

-Rudyard Kipling, The Elephant’s Child

Here, in this article, we will listen to the honest man named How.

How, does Trump resolve all of this in a way that returns the election and at the same time avoids a civil war?

Let’s talk about professional wrestling.

Vince McMahon is the current chairman and CEO of WWE. At one time this organization was named the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, or WWF. He purchased the organization from his father in 1982 and built an entertainment juggernaut that dominated the industry. One of his many contributions to the sport was modifying the intricate story line that was used to build rivalries between the characters and boost fan interest for championship matches. McMahon modified the story line in the following ways;

  • He incorporated pop bands into the storyline, vastly expanding his market audience.
  • He built the WWF into a brand that provided family friendly entertainment, professional wrestling up until this was rowdy, and catered to an adult (mostly male) audience - back in the 1970s a professional wrestling match was not the place you took a family.

We are going to see some eerie parallels between a wrestling storyline and the drama that surrounds the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Let’s look at current events, shall we?

  • Ghislane Maxwell trial - it’s widely assumed that the outcome of this trial will lead to indictments against several US Attorneys, two former Attorney Generals - these government officials chose to let Jeffery Epstein walk away from serious felony charges with a slap on the wrist, and by doing so they may have broken the law. Many other high profile individuals that were part of the Epstein sex network face exposure and may be at risk for criminal prosecution. Note that the US Attorneys office that is prosecuting this case is the public corruption bureau - that’s a very big clue to where this is going.
  • Durham investigation - deep state efforts to stop this investigation or to pry information out of it have been unsuccessful. Durham has released rather lengthy indictments - the length and details in the indictments are unusual. This is far in excess of what’s needed for an arrest. It has been suggested that the reason for the length and detail is to inform the public as to the direction of the investigation - the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign may be the target of the investigation.
  • The Hunter Biden business connections - One year ago it was revealed that US Attorney David Weiss has been investigating Hunter Biden over possible tax law violations that may be international in scope. Back in February, the Biden administration began transitioning their Senate confirmed US Attorneys to their posts around the country. Two US Attorneys were left in their current postings - they were John Durham and David Weiss. Ladies and gentlemen, the MSM might not be interested, but something is coming from these investigations.
  • Election audits in Arizona - it’s important to remember that what was released to the public were findings - not the actual results. It’s likely the results are being used as evidence for a criminal probe. Andre on Free Atlantis has postulated that the real finding of the Maricopa County election audit was that the result was un-certifiable, because the voting machines and tabulation machines were not operated according to election law and were not operated in such a way that the outcome would be numerically sound. That’s an important distinction, because audit after audit across all 50 states might show Biden as the overall “winner” but those results are meaningless because the method used during the election to arrive at the total was a violation of the law and not secure. In Wisconsin there’s an active criminal investigation that targets election officials of willfully Violating Wisconsin election law - they confessed to doing so on a zoom conference call. Further tainting this issue is the fact that many county election officials across multiple states have destroyed ballots - that too is in violation of federal election law, and makes a certification of the vote using actual results that much more impossible.
  • The nursing home scandals - If this is true, ‘scandals’ is putting it mildly. The governors of five states issued executive orders or issued public health guidance that disregarded the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services which recommended that COVID-19 positive patients should only be admitted to nursing homes or similar facilities if and only if the facility can follow CDC quarantining guidance. These five states ordered or directed these facilities to admit COVID-19 patients regardless of their ability to follow CDC guidance. If it can be proven that this was done to boost COVID cases to use as political capital against President Trump - this would be one of the worst crimes in American history.
  • Dong Jingwei defection - Although denied “officially” by an unnamed administration official in June, I’ll remind everyone that China asked Secretary Blinken about Dong’s whereabouts back in March - Blinken didn’t have any idea what the Chinese were talking about. Furthermore, Dong’s picture has been removed from Baidu, China’s search engine, and President Xi ordered top officials of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to swear an oath of loyalty to the party. Why the order? Anyone who has studied the Cold War knows that the very top echelon of a communist system is fiercely loyal to the state - the elite’s societal privileges depend upon loyalty to and preservation of that system. My gut tells me that this defection actually happened.
  • Origins of COVID-19 - the “official” story is that COVID came from a wet market in Wuhan, China. However there have been many stories and evidence that have broke that cast significant doubt on the official narrative. One in particular are the documents that show that the NIH may have been funding gain of function research in China. This research was banned in the United States. If it can be proven that US taxpayer money funded COVID-19, and then the pathogen was intentionally released, and that release was known beforehand and used politically against President Trump, this would be the crime of the century, with millions of people killed over a political disagreement.
  • Project Veritas - There has been bombshell release after bombshell release with this media company. Pfizer, MSM, Social Media Companies… their exposés on whistleblower testimonies have been shocking. PV is a real wild card in this whole mix - there’s no telling what this company might reveal!

Aside: I’m using terms like “may”, “if evidence is made known”, “if it can be proven”, etc. intentionally. We have studied these events, but do not forget that many in the general public have not - they just know something is wrong. I’ll get back to the intentional use of these terms later.

If I’m correct, all of this is going to start coming out soon. Once it starts, it won’t let up or stop.

These events, these shots across the bow of the deep state are the professional wrestling storyline. This is the promotional back story that builds upon itself - leading up to a main event, a championship match between good & evil.

Of course, this will be covered on the usual patriot friendly channels, but will the average American see it? Like McMahon did with WWF, how will Trump expand the viewership? Who will tell them?


I’m actually quite serious. Trump doesn’t build new - he buys properties that are in trouble and flips them… and CNN is under new management.

The new owner is interested in one thing - accurate reporting of the news. The new CEO & Chairman of CNN, Walter Isaacson, and the Current CEO of Discovery Inc. David Zaslav, are committed to this new mission statement for CNN. Recent firings of prominent anchors are evidence of this new tack, as are the stories that CNN is covering. Prior to the new leadership, CNN wouldn’t have touched these stories - the fact that they are is very telling.

And if I’m correct, what’s coming is so big, so sensational, that the media won’t be able to ignore it.

Let’s step back to that time where it was morning in America… March 27, 1988 - Wrestlemania IV

The WWF was holding it’s fourth world championship match. The venue? Atlantic City Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey - right across the street from Trump Plaza, and sponsored by Donald J. Trump. Not satisfied with one Wrestlemania, Trump hosted and sponsored Wrestlemania V the following year. This was the first formal involvement of the Trump business empire with the WWF.

But it wasn’t the last.

April 1, 2007 - Wrestlemania XXIII “The Battle of the Billionaires”

Let’s look at the contract signing that started this storyline off - this took place on Monday Night Raw! in Washington DC.

Now - this rivalry between Trump and McMahon is an act, in truth they are longtime friends. But the success of modern professional wrestling is the storylines, what happens in vignettes like this are just as important as the wrestling match itself.

Before I say anything more about this, I’d invite you to take 22 minutes and watch this clip in its entirety (trust me, you’ll be glad you did - this clip is a hoot). I’d like you to view this in the context of what we know about Donald Trump’s presidency, and the fight he took to the deep state.

Holy crap.

I’ll remind everyone that everything said here was scripted… carefully scripted - it was part of the Villain/Hero story that is part of every major wrestling match. The man who pioneered the integration of family friendly scripted drama into wrestling matches was Vince McMahon - that idea let him expand his business and take over rival wrestling territories… and made him a billionaire.

Let’s pull out some quotes from the exchange with commentary in italics;

Vince McMahon (VM): “You won’t be laughing after Wrestlemania… you’ll be laughing at Donald Trump!” That’s what they all said from the moment he descended the staircase at Trump tower… and they laughed. Until he won the 2016 election.

VM: “If you’re a jerk from Washington DC tell me… Just my point. What a bunch of jerks!” How prophetic… DC belonged to whom? The swamp.

VM: “Donald Trump is gonna sign a deal, a deal that’s gonna make him out to be the laughing stock of the entire world!” That’s what the deep state and their lackeys said… until he won the election and made them quake with fear.

VM: “This is a deal that Donald Trump is not gonna be able to get out of, and why? Because this is Vince McMahon’s world!” The deep state thought they had the election rigged, they thought they were going to walk away with the election… until that fateful night in November when the numbers came in and Hillary Clinton started to lose.

VM: “The battle of the billionaires is on… Donald Trump cannot get out of this deal!”

Donald Trump (DT): “I don’t want to get out” I’ll gladly take all the slings and arrows for you…

VM: “At Wrestlemania, I’m gonna do what all these celebrities want to do… 95% of all the celebrities we polled want me to win and shave your head bald.” Them… and the rest of the corrupt establishment wanted Trump to fail.

VM: “You might have the support of this audience, but 95% of em are idiots!” That’s what the sneering establishment thinks about MAGA.

DT: “To me… the look like a very smart group of people.” Hello there, MAGA.

DT: “I’ll see ya there, Vince… it’s gonna be painful. It’s gonna be painful” The best… is yet to come.

And it was. Umaga lost the match to Bobby Langley and Vince McMahon lost his hair.

Could this have been foreshadowing? Could Trump have known back then that this is how it will shake out? I don’t know - but Trump learned a lot about who MAGA was. He met them in the audience, most of the wrestlers came from humble beginnings, and some were dirt poor until they got their big break.

I also know the following;

  1. Donald Trump and Vince McMahon are good friends - Vince McMahon’s wife, Linda McMahon even served on Trump’s cabinet as Administrator of the Small Business Administration of the United States
  2. The exchange was scripted… possibly very carefully scripted
  3. The audience of a WWF match are the voters that Trump would later connect with - many of the crowd that night no doubt later became part of MAGA.
  4. When viewed out of context, this looks like another professional wrestling storyline - but when you view it through the context of what we know today and Trump’s battle with the deep state… there’s too much that was said that falls neatly into place. McMahon represented the deep state, and the villain in the storyline. Trump represented the future President, and the hero in the storyline. The hero prevailed.
  5. Who loves giving the people a show? Who thinks big - larger than life? Trump. Could all of this fit into a carefully scripted professional wrestling vignette?
  6. MAGA rallies were family friendly events, weren’t they? A place where you could take the family and celebrate being an American with other people - just like a WWF event.
  7. MAGA rallies were carefully scripted, and threw a ton of shade towards deep state players. This was setting up the hero/villain dynamic - just like a WWF event.
  8. Trump and his MAGA rallies dominated the media coverage, vastly expanding viewership and brought people into politics who had never been interested - just like the WWF did.
  9. Look at the 2016 debates; Trump had a nickname for everybody! Low energy Jeb, Little Marco, Lying Ted, Fauxcahauntas, Crooked Hillary… and they STUCK. If you’ve ever followed a professional wrestling storyline you’ve seen this behavior - witty insults between the wrestlers that build up to a confrontation.

Do you see the parallels here as to how Trump intends to treat the deep state, and how he ran his 2016 campaign? There’s too much to ignore. The political arena had never seen this before - and it took them completely by surprise. They never had anyone behave like this on the Presidential stage, and to their shock, Trump’s behavior resonated with America.

That’s the background. But what more is coming? How do we emerge from devolution and how do we end the government-in-exile?

Do you remember in Part 2 how I said that Trump could end the government-in-exile at any time? Do you remember how I said that his return could be extra-constitutional?

There’s something else - if he returned and made the claim that the election was stolen and presented the PEAD that activated the government-in-exile I’m pretty sure three things would happen;

  1. An instant constitutional crisis would present itself.
  2. The country would be ripped in two along party lines, with claims of treason being shouted across the political battleground.
  3. A very real likelihood of a civil war exists under these circumstances. On one side, you’ll have MAGA that won’t accept anything less than the full reinstatement of President Trump. On the other, you’ll have millions of Democrats and RINOs that won’t accept this claim - no matter what Trump says they simply won’t accept this as an option. These opinions are not reconcilable - both cannot exist in the same space.

The deep state wants a civil war - and that’s the problem. Trump showing up in DC and announcing that he was still the president via an emergency PEAD would create the environment for one.

And that’s giving the enemy exactly what he wants - the potential annihilation of the American Republic.

“Anger may in time change to gladness… But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of Warfare

The republic would be in grave peril if a civil war were to start… and there’s no guarantee that

  1. We would emerge United
  2. We would still have a republic
  3. We would not have our country in ruins

So we have a contradiction;

How do we end the government-in-exile, end devolution, restore Trump to his rightful place as President, and remove the possibility of a civil war?

We need a venue to air these grievances. We need a place where we can introduce facts and evidence, where the public may learn about what happened and where a record will be kept of the proceedings.

We need a court. But for a case of this magnitude, and because a constitutional crisis exists we need the Supreme Court.

In essence, Trump is bringing a lawsuit against the puppet government for the prize of the Presidency… and the Legislative branch.

How do you get your diamonds back?

You get a court order of course.

The Supreme Court is a co-equal branch of government, and is able to decide election questions. They did so in Bush v. Gore in 2000. In that case, they established precedent that the Supreme Court may decide presidential elections that spark a constitutional crisis - just like what we have here. (This is why I intentionally used those terms earlier - accusations are not evidence and in this arena you had better bring the receipts)

What might this look like?

President Trump comes to Washington DC and announces that he is actually President due to a unique emergency circumstance that triggered a continuity of government situation. On the other hand, Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. This is a question that the Supreme Court will not be able to dodge. You cannot have two Presidents, and if they choose to do nothing, the county might face a civil war.

If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, I believe the court will find the election invalid and a true winner impossible to determine. Here are some possible outcomes from the trial;

  1. They send the question back to the people and a new election is held with court-ordered safeguards in place to prevent the cheating of 2020.
  2. The Court finds that a unique situation exists where it cannot be determined who was elected President, the same as if both candidates received an equal number of Electoral votes. Therefore to determine the outcome of the election, the Court will order Congress to elect a President and Vice President under a contingent election as directed in Article II, Section I of the Constitution where the House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President, with each state delegation casting one vote.

Aside: this part about the outcome of the court case came after a discussion between myself, Kyle, and Duane Cates. I cannot claim that it’s my own work, but I can ask that the readers of this piece check out their substack pages. You will find insightful and well written material there. If you are able to, please consider a paid subscription to those sub stacks, as their comments helped me make Part III that much better.

Their pages may be found here:



Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of support for these writers.

I know that some of you reading this aren’t going to like this theory. That dislike will probably be rooted in a mistrust of our institutions. I cannot say that I blame you. Those institutions have done much to earn that distrust.

To address that valid concern I’ll say this;


Trump knows lawsuits. He’s used them in business dealings all of his adult life. He’s going to have excellent attorneys on his side litigating this case. Who? My guess would be Jay Sekulow - the attorney who defended the president in the impeachment trial. Another possibility is Alan Gura - he’s represented 2A cases for years and is an expert in punching holes in the government’s absurd arguments. Still another would be Rudy Giuliani - Rudy did a lot of work introducing evidence to state legislatures regarding the stolen election, and he already formed a good legal team for that work.


Trump has a powerful legal weapon at his disposal, and that weapon is the truth. If you have the truth on your side, the facts of the case will bear that out. If you don’t, you must rely on confusion, subterfuge, and character assassination. Trumps legal team will wipe the floor with the deep state’s arguments, just like they did with the articles of impeachment.


Taking this to court would allow evidence to be introduced. Actual evidence and not fabrications or accusations. Furthermore it would provide a record of the trial and a volume of transcripts and evidence that was used to make the case. This permanent record will make Trump’s claim (and I believe eventual victory) nearly impossible to marginalize or cast doubt upon.


It’s important to remember the kind of person Trump is - he was cheated very badly in the election. I know from reading his book that he’s been in this position before (as a business owner) and he doesn’t live and let live… he gets even. Trump will take his pound of flesh. I know that there are some who feel like they’ve been betrayed by Trump, that he ran away and left us at the mercy of a tyrannical government. I’m sensitive to that concern, and I’d also challenge the people who feel that way to spend some time getting to know Donald Trump better. Read The Art of the Comeback - you’ll be glad you did.


Will SCOTUS dodge their responsibility? I don’t think so. This is a very unique question about the constitution and firmly in their wheelhouse. Also, they will know as well as anyone that if they dodge their responsibility on something of this magnitude, they risk the republic falling due to civil war.


Would Trump win a contingent election? Probably - by a very narrow margin. Right now, if state delegations voted by party line, the vote would be 23 Republican to 22 Democrats, with two states (Michigan and Pennsylvania) as toss ups. Now, I won’t say this path is risk free, but there’s a very important thing to remember. Some of these state delegations will be from purple states - Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, and Virginia could easily flip, especially if those state delegations got reams of letters from home warning them that voters would hold the individual representatives responsible at the ballot box if they voted for a cheater. It’s likely that other states would flip too. One choice is “Let’s go Brandon” the other, “Make America Great Again - Again” which is the winning message?


How much do you trust President Trump? I trust President Trump. I see Trump navigating these stormy waters like a shark - the apex predator. I see The Art of the Comeback and a professional wrestling storyline playing out in real time. I saw Trump successfully fight off two impeachments with ease.

How much do you trust our President? Are you willing to let him go all in and pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor on this one trial?

I am.

In Part IV we will examine justice for the crimes to which our nation was subjected. How we right the balance as injured parties to the injustices of fascists.

Until next time…enjoy the show - and I’ll see you at SCOTUSMANIA 1.


The following interview between Patel Patriot, author of the 'Devolution' series of articles that I've covered on this site, and SLAG, the author of the 'The Wartime Presidency' articles that I've also included on this site was posted on 12/20/2021. This interview combines important observations from these two excellent researchers. Listening to this interview will be time very well spent.