Trump’s Threading of the Vax Needle

by ArchiveAnon on Telegram [12-26-2021].

Many have been puzzled by Trump's stance on the vax. I've extracted the following observations from ArchiveAnon's Telegram thread that go a long way in helping us understand what is really happening. These observations are consistent with Patel Patriot's "#15 Devolution: Vaccine Bewilderment" article found in the "Devolution of the United States Government" post on this site.

For the longest time we've been framing the left's underhanded behavior in the wrong context, as if the ABILITY to lie puts them at a strategic advantage. But this is false:

It's not that the left GETS to lie, it's that they HAVE to lie.

They don't simply lie when it's convenient, and tell the truth when it's convenient. It's NEVER convenient for them to tell the truth anymore. That means they have to work overtime to come up with new lies on a daily basis, as well as expend massive resources to keep their ongoing lies consistent. Their lies have them trapped in a losing strategy. Lying is an inefficient use of resources.

We don't have to do any of that nonsense, and telling the truth is simply more efficient. As long as the left and the right are playing the same political game, the right inevitably wins.

The right simply wasn't playing hardball up until now.

The people who took the vaccine aren't going away, and, depending on whether you trust the reporting, they are now the majority of voters. Those people have to be allowed to save face or they aren't going to show up to vote for Trump. He can't secure their support by telling them they made a giant mistake because they were fooled by a psyop. Trump simply can't tell the vaccinated the truth, it's like trying to suddenly wake a sleepwalker; the cognitive dissonance will do nothing but make them turn against him.

I realize there is a seeming inconsistency between my assertion that lying is an inefficient political strategy and the proposition that Trump needs to lie to the vaccinated in order to avoid causing them cognitive dissonance. The thing to bear in mind is that we elected Trump to be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Simply put: The president, any president, has an OBLIGATION to lie in any circumstance where he determines it is necessary in order to protect the country. We wouldn't find this controversial in any other wartime context; obviously an army has to lie to the enemy about their real positions, troop strength, arsenal, battle plans etc.

This is war, and by reelecting Donald Trump we authorized him to be the chief spy of the United States and to use whatever subterfuge and tell whatever lies he deems necessary to protect the Republic. That is not the same as, say, a Democrat lying about the fact that they are a communist infiltrator in order to win a local DA race so that once installed they can then take steps to empty the prisons, refuse to prosecute criminals, and cause anarchy and pandemonium.

All Presidents have situations in which they must lie in order to preserve order and prevent bloodshed. If the Democrats are able to use the vaccines as a wedge issue to prevent our victory in 2022 or 2024, then none of our TALK about vaccines will matter because we won't have the POWER to prevent the left's plans for this country, and that may very well result in an ACTUAL civil war instead of this much less bloody and more preferable information war we find ourselves in.

Over and over and over again certain people have been presenting this false dichotomy of "People telling you to get out the vote in 2022 and 2024 don't want to fix 2020."

This is a ridiculous strawman position that not a single person has actually taken. Name anybody in this movement who has actually taken the position that we shouldn't work to fix the 2020 election and change the election laws and yet we should still show up to vote next time. Nobody does that.

On the flip side, among the people making this accusation, there have been MANY who either explicitly told people not to vote, have promoted the idea that voting doesn't matter, or that we should split our base by trying to start a new party, and spent the night of our Virginia election win trying to explain how this wasn't actually a victory and that voting in Virginia still somehow doesn't matter.

There have only ever been two factions at work here; people who say we need to fix the elections AND that we need to vote, and those who say we SHOULDN'T vote UNTIL the elections are fixed (one wonders how you could tell if the system isn't rigged anymore if you don't show up to vote next time. You decide which of those two groups is up to no good. It seems pretty obvious to me who the railers, revilers, and contentious troublemakers in our ranks are.

Every time some nominally right-wing person attacks one of our patriot allies, they always frame it in this context of "I just don't trust him."

You see this all the time with General Flynn. "I just don't trust General Flynn."

To do what? You don't trust him to do what exactly? What does that even mean?

He tells people to get involved in local politics and school boards and help fix their local election laws.

What part of that requires your "trust?"

"Well he SAYS we should take a more active role in fixing the country, but I bet privately he wants me to NOT get involved." Or something. What is the logic here? Apparently his master plan is to tell people to do productive things that are obviously good for the country.

Who the hell cares if you "trust" a stranger who doesn't even work for you? He's not running for anything, he never asked you to trust him with anything and nothing he does requires your "trust." That doesn't even mean anything.

You'll see comments from time to time to the effect of "If they don't fix the elections I'm not voting." Who the hell is THEY? Your local election laws are your responsibility.

One wonders how we would ever know if the changes we made to combat election fraud were effective if we stay home like pouty children on election day and simply let the left win by default.

The way you test if you've successfully fixed the elections is literally by voting.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but WE FAILED TRUMP. Not the other way around. Trump told us for four years that the elections were crooked; one of his very first acts as president was to try and establish a commission on election fraud. The president can't wave a magic wand and make your local election board stop being corrupt. Trump isn't responsible for fixing your crooked election precinct, YOU ARE, and if you failed to do so before 2020, you failed him. He did what he was supposed to do: Get the most votes.

It's not Trump's job to chew your food for you and tuck you in at night. We're a government of the people. Hey, YOU'RE a people. I guess you should get on that.

There is no such thing as pouting your way to victory. The people shouting "DO SOMETHING OR I'M NOT VOTING!" are almost invariably the ones not actually doing anything.

I think a lot of us have been so redpilled for so long we live in a bit of a bubble where we assume everyone is ready for the whole truth.

The fact is, a lot of people are still just beginning to wake up, and the President of the United States publicly calling vaccines a deep state psyop would just be a bridge too far for a lot of those people. They'd use that as an excuse to go right back to sleep.

As sad as it is, someone who willingly puts mystery chemicals into their body because an authority figure told them to can't be told, they can only be shown. The president isn't their babysitter. Trump has nothing to gain by dunking on people who have already made a mistake that they can't take back.

Consider this alternative: the vaccines aren't produced until after the election has been stolen. Biden has the excuse he needs to keep the country locked down for another year or more, with the economy in true ruins millions of excess people die; these of course are blamed on the virus.

Once the "vaccines" are made available, they are immediately deemed mandatory and people who are desperate to get back to normal take them in much greater numbers. They are able to stretch the panic into 2022 and force mail in voting everywhere, while the endless variants and endless vaccines narrative is firmly established.

Violence and unrest escalates, which is used as a further excuse to lock things down, and eventually people begin being disappeared into camps like Australia. "Oops, your relative died of Covid while they were in the camp. Guess they should have got their vaccine!"

Clearly that's what the globalists wanted: Maximum death and destruction. Trump forced the entire process and therefore the entire narrative to happen in one year before he even left office and then left the pharma companies holding the bag. They had to come up with the first "variant" narrative so fast most people hadn't even taken the vaccine yet. Now people who've had three shots are being told to take a fourth in LESS THAN A FRIGGING YEAR!

Are you beginning to understand why this is called "WARP SPEED?" Trump keeps telling you tens of millions of people would have died if he hadn't accelerated the time frame. He's right, and that's unfortunately as much of the truth as he can say at the moment without losing credibility with those who are still asleep which he needs in order to bring the country back together.

I'd like to add that when I've asked God about Trump I've only seen good and positive things about him. Yes, he's not perfect but this man has suffered much more than people think for this country/world. He received a constant flow of hatred and curses over the five years he came out of the woodworks to stop the reset. The least we can do is stand by him. In my heart, I know that this man is not what the shills say. He has more courage than anyone I've ever seen and I honor him because of the way God's used him. And here's the thing:

Trump's not done Patriots. If you know, then you know. God is not done. The world is not going to get worse. The world is going to get better. Much better than ever before. Imagine a world without the cabal. This is what we fight for. This is what Trump has been putting his life on the line for. We the People. If you inquire of God you will see this same thing.

It's very simple: If the tests were always fake, the numbers were always fake. Trump even flat-out told everyone this last year when he retweeted that report that only 6% of the deaths were actually "from" covid. If you pay corporate hospitals to produce more dead bodies, they will find ways to produce more dead bodies.

A lot of people have focused on the "cycle count' and other technical details when speaking about the inaccuracy of the tests, but there is something much more simple at play here:

If you only test for something ONCE among a population that is much more likely to have something else, then the majority of your positives will be FALSE positives even if the test is 100% legitimate.

It's called the Bayesian Trap, and statisticians have been trying to explain it to doctors for a long time now.

How many times has a public figure tested positive, immediately taken another test, and then tested NEGATIVE the next day?

Trump's behavior makes a lot more sense when you realize that he was never trying to contain a virus: He was trying to prevent The Great Reset.

I think a lot of us have been so redpilled for so long we live in a bit of a bubble where we assume everyone is ready for the whole truth.

The fact is, a lot of people are still just beginning to wake up, and the President of the United States publicly calling vaccines a deep state psyop would just be a bridge too far for a lot of those people. They'd use that as an excuse to go right back to sleep.

As sad as it is, someone who willingly puts mystery chemicals into their body because an authority figure told them to can't be told, they can only be shown. The president isn't their babysitter. Trump has nothing to gain by dunking on people who have already made a mistake that they can't take back.

Never forget that the globalists wanted lockdowns, endless variants, and mandatory seasonal boosters to become the "New Normal." The plan was for this to never go away.

Imagine if they got their way and managed to keep people wearing masks, social distancing, and behaving in pathologically neurotic ways for the next 10 years? Imagine what that would do to the psychological development of an entire generation of children.

One of the key goals of the plandemic was always to condition the children to accept authoritarian government as normal. Imagine starting your first day of school in 2020 and being forced to wear a mask by the government while you participate in CRT struggle sessions for the next 10 years. An entire generation could be permanently warped.

The only way to short circuit that plan and prevent the Great Reset is to force the deep state to compress the entire psyop into as short a timespan as possible (i.e. Warp Speed. It's right there in the name, folks.)

They wanted a forever pandemic.

Instead, it's looking like people are just about done with this narrative and are ready to move on.

I can assure you that worldwide communism would kill a hell of a lot more people than one year of a bad voluntary vaccine that will be yesterday's fad pretty soon. If the Great Reset were allowed to occur the way the left envisions, no flesh would be spared.

The only way to prevent that was to make the vaccines fail right away. We get this over with in one year instead of 10 years of "just two more weeks" that would grind the world economy to dust.

As sad as it is that some people are willing to put poison in their arm because a stranger told them to, the vaccines being rushed and not working is a feature, not a bug.

You can feel the narrative shifting rapidly in the corporate press to a "Maybe boosters aren't that effective" "Maybe Omicron is a good thing" "Maybe case counts don't matter" narrative at the same time Biden is pivoting away from federal solutions.

Ask yourself: What happens to that narrative if Trump comes out today and says "Everybody, I was wrong, stop taking the vaccines, they're killing people!!!" Does anybody who was actually going to take the vaccine listen to him? Does the press continue to allow questions about the boosters and optimism for Omicron? Or does the entire press narrative shift to destroying Trump while doubling down on more boosters and lockdowns?

We're threading the needle here on moving the Overton Window and ending this pandemic, now is not the time to make sudden shifts to the narrative that the press can use to change the subject. If Trump disowns the vaccines it would be just the distraction they need.

Have patience and remember why you trusted Trump to begin with.

Consider two scenarios and their prospective outcomes:

A) Trump publicly denounces the vaccines.

Result: No one who was planning to take the vaccines is going to NOT take them because Trump told them not to. Those people never listened to Trump to begin with.

B) Trump owns the vaccines and lists them as an achievement.

Result: No one who WASN'T going to take the vaccines IS going to take them because Trump told them to. Those people already think for themselves to begin with.

However, SOME number of people who WERE going to take the vaccines DON'T take them because the cognitive dissonance of Trump's support causes them to be suspicious of it.

The only reason people on the left have been exposed to ANY doubts about the vaccines in their corporate press and twitter feeds is because negative stories about the vaccines are an opportunity to dunk on Trump.

Trump has said it a million times at this point: Whatever I say the left has to say the opposite. I should have told them "Don't build a wall . . ."

Consider the following scenario:

You are trying to wake the left up to the dangers of big pharma and the safety concerns about vaccines.

How does Trump do that? If he comes out against the vaccines, the left will dig in their heels and support them even more no matter what evidence is presented regarding their dangers. Do you seriously think a single person on the left would be woken up by Trump telling them that vaccines can be dangerous?

If, however, the left continue to make themselves sick with these vaccines, as the evidence of the side effects mounts, then as we go into the next election season the left will be looking for somebody to blame for the vaccines' failures.

Trump is baiting them to make him a target for all of the negative news about the vaccines. It's happening even now as we speak; the twitter left are in a double-bind of either supporting the vaccines and giving Trump a win or using the adverse reactions to attack Trump.

Trump publicly takes all the heat and blame for the vaccines and in the process of the left trying to use it as a campaign issue against Trump in 2022 - 2024: THE LEFT ENDS UP REDPILLING THEMSELVES ABOUT VACCINES.

Don't forget, up until very recently most people associated being "anti-vaccine" with the new age California hippie left.


Do you see how the narrative is being forcibly shifted as we speak? The worst thing that Trump could possibly do is shake the box and suck all of the oxygen out of the room by saying something controversial while this narrative shift is playing out.

There is one narrative and one narrative only that matters right now:


That needs to be implanted successfully in the public discourse without any distractions.

The longer they are able to keep the pandemic narrative going, the more people will die.

The faster we can force them to wrap it up, the fewer people will die.

Everything else is just optics and combat tactics.

More and more Trump is boxing the left into a corner where they have only three options:

  1. Keep claiming there is nothing wrong with the vaccines, in which case Trump makes sure they own the mishandling of the pandemic moving forward. They can try to play the "It's the unvaccinated's fault" angle all they want. That's not a winning message when Trump is doing the exact opposite and EMBRACING the vaccinated under a big tent. The more we restore election integrity moving forward, the more the left are going to need the unvaccinated to vote for them if they ever want to win elections again.
  2. Blame the ineffectiveness of the vaccines on Trump in order to blame the current mishandling on him, in which case the entire left must shift to a narrative of distrust of the vaccines (which is what we actually want anyway.) Fauci is currently trying to ride the fence on this one by saying Trump "poisoned the well" on vaccines and that's why they are ineffective, but again, this won't work. They desperately needed him to oppose the vaccines, and he never took the bait. The more Trump doesn't budge on the vaccines, the more the left will be forced to acknowledge the problems with the vaccines if they want to continue to be able to use it to attack him.
  3. Try to pivot away from the pandemic narrative entirely by taking the "Hurray, mild Omicron is killing off the other variants, looks like the pandemic is coming to an end" layup that has been handed to them on a silver platter. This would force them to abort Operation Lockstep years before they wanted to, and mean that they would have to move on to the next phony crisis on their list in order to sell the public on the Great Reset. Most likely the "Cyber Pandemic" narrative is next, as that's what they keep chattering about.

If they fail to to sell the public on the Great Reset by utilizing the Lockstep virus narrative, which it increasingly looks like they have, at least in the Western world, they will most likely cut their losses and choose option 3; "OMG, Omicron saved the day everybody!"; which is what I think Trump is trying to force them to do: Cut their losses and move on to the next fake emergency. I think Trump would be more than happy if Covid becomes such a radioactive topic for everyone involved that it's not even an issue people want to talk about by the time 2024 rolls around.

Basically, IMO, Trump is signaling to the left that Omicron is their chance to save face, cut their losses, take the L, and move on from the pandemic.

To give the short version, I think Trump's strategy is:

"Let's play a game. I own the vaccines, you own the pandemic. You can either attack my vaccines in order to get to me, or you can make the pandemic go away and cut your losses. Hey, this Omicron thing sure looks mild, hunh? YOUR MOVE."