The Event That Will Change The World?

by Future Forecasting Group [9-13-2023 published].

Note: The last 2 videos are after the following discussion, so be sure to scroll down for them.

Allow me to set the stage for this post, since it presents future possibilities in a way that is quite different than most people are familiar with. Many of us are familiar with our intuitions and have learned to pay attention. Most people have heard of psychics, yet haven't given much thought to how this is done or even how valid it might be. Some of you might have heard of "remote viewing" or the "looking glass". What most people don't realize is that remote viewing has been highly developed by all major militaries to try and collect secret information about adversaries. Very specific protocols have been developed to improve the quality of the information retrieved and a lot of attention is paid to what works when trying to obtain information that is normally hidden from the public. Multiple viewers are typically used who have different skills when viewing a target in order to get better information.

I recently became aware of the FutureForecastingGroup and took advantage of their 7-day free trial and was so impressed that I've continued with a paid subscription. These remote viewers are some of the best in the world, outside of militaries, and many of them have trained with instructors having relevant military backgrounds.

Recently, the group was tasked with obtaining information about a specific target, yet none of them identified the target. I don't yet understand how their tasking works, yet they aren't given explicit information about the target. They are blind as to what the target really is. In this specific tasking, they all came back with something very big that was unrelated to the original target, which hasn't been divulged yet to these remote viewers.

You will discover in these three videos that everyone hopes that the big event doesn't happen and that many lives will be saved. By presenting this information, it is hoped that whoever is behind this big event finally realize that too many people are figuring out what is being planned and decide to call it off.

This brings up a very important point. Future events are not all cast in stone. If we become aware of something coming and don't like it, we can work against it and possibly change the outcome. Likewise, if we like what might be coming, we can do things to amplify the outcome. When enough people get involved, major changes can happen. For example, I recently learned that the next pandemic and lockdown looks like it has been called off since too many people are awake and too few are willing to take the new jabs.

I'm suggesting that you start by listening to the above shorter debriefing when the remote viewers are deliberating on what to do about the information that they have uncovered. Then take a look at the next video below where each of them describes what they were actually seeing. Notice how important it often is to have multiple viewers working the same target and then try to make sense of what everyone is seeing. This is a very complex session where they are picking up a huge event that could happen within the next 3 to 12 months.

Then view the very interesting discussion between Clif High & Dick Allgire. Using a very different approach, Clif High has picked up the same concerns. He also explains how he finally got the insights on how to do the language analysis he has spent over 30 years perfecting. To make matters even more interesting, Clif points out that psychics from all over the world in different cultures and languages are also picking up that something big is possibly coming. Clif also points out that when something like this is detected far enough in advance before the final decision to commit has been reached, it is possible to cause it to be aborted, which is what everyone is hoping happens. Regardless of how much of the first two videos you watch, be sure to watch the entire discussion between Clif High & Dick Allgire for a wide ranging important discussion that ties together what might be happening and how to think about all of this.

These three videos are NOT meant to cause more fear, but to help wake enough people up so that whoever is planning this big event decides to call it off and possibly avert a major disaster. Since it looks like this event could happen within the next 3 to 12 months and it hasn't been activated yet, there could still be time to expose enough of it so that the perpetrators might abort their plans, which is why this information is being shared. Consider sharing with many others to increase the eyes on this possible event to help that it might be aborted.