Scott Ritter: Israel/Hamas War and the Future of the Middle East

by Mazen Canada [11-6-2023 published].

Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector, known for his inspections in Iraq post-First Gulf War. He became a critic of US policy towards Iraq before 2003, arguing for Iraq's disarmament. Transitioning into a commentator on military and international matters, Ritter offers analysis on regional policies. He advocates for peaceful resolutions and diplomatic engagements in the Middle East, discussing the dynamics of regional demographics and political movements. Ritter also emphasizes the importance of discipline and civilian protection in military operations.

0:00 Scott Ritter Introductions

0:46 How will Israel get “swamped” and will Israel always remain the dominant player in the middle east?

2:28 Islam is a religion of peace

2:50 The problem is not Judaism; the problem is Zionism

3:06 The United States is the guarantor of political Zionism

3:26 Massive demonstrations on the streets of the USA in support of Palestine

3:44 Demonstrations take a sympathetic approach towards Hamas

4:07 Hamas’ clever objectives

5:18 if you were the leader of Hamas, would you have ordered to perform the October 7th operation?

5:33 A masterful plan by Hamas

7:11 Hamas’ strategic mistake

9:12 What Hamas did from a military perspective is good, despite some mistakes

9:33 A military commander is responsible for their area of operations

10:32 What if Hamas took control of the mobs, would Israel have reacted in the same way?

11:26 The Dahiwa principle

12:13 Hamas lured Israel into a trap

13:10 The Normandy campaign and Hamas’ similarities

14:10 Egypt and Jordan’s position

15:51 Hamas is winning politically

17:25 Hamas have told Hezbollah and Iran not to intervene

18:18 Problems creating throughout the entire middle east

19:07 Iran managing the pressure relief in Iraq and Syria

19:31 Balancing attacks from all the players – what is the goal?

20:46 Outrage amongst the arab and muslim population

21:24 Iran does not want a war

22:38 Hassan Nasrallah is a good leader

24:19 Nasrallah’s genius speech

25:41 Hamas has defined a conflict

27:14 The best outcome for the middle east

27:38 Muslim sand Jews can live together in peace in the Holy Land

28:51 Ibrahim Raisi is a good leader

29:27 If you want to live in peace, you have to have the maturity

30:11 What will be Saudi Arabia’s next move?

30:41 There are no supporters of the Palestinian cause

31:26 Saudi Arabia is not a friend of the Palestian people

31:56 The 80’s – 90’s a strong Arabist lobby

33:45 Abrams Accord

35:26 The danger of escalation

35:46 Hamas has trapped Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan

37:16 Saudi Arabis is doing things that are contradictory

37:36 How can the Arab lobby get stronger?

38:39 Arab American Oil Company
40:41 Every arab nation needs to be independent of America

40:51 The United States is not friends with anybody

41:22 Biden will be turning against Israel

42:11 The Arab world needs to stop allowing the United states and Israel to divide them

42:58 All meaningful change takes time

43:53 The first step

45:01 Will the IDF sustain its’ position in Gaza for 1 year?

46:35 Benjamin Netanyahu might not survive as prime minister for much longer

47:06 This war is unsustainable politically, globally

47:45 Israel has walked into a trap

48:33 What will happen after the exchange of hostages?

50:30 Will the USA always condemn Hamas as a terrorist group?