Scott Ritter, Diane Sare, August 6 Rally Remembering Hiroshima

by Issues that Matter with Cynthia Pooler [8-1-2023 published].

(Our politicians, Media, State Department, Military, & Military Industrial Complex are playing an INSANE game in thinking that anyone can win a NUCLEAR WAR, especially as it involves Ukraine. IF a nuclear war starts, ALL PEOPLE & LIFE on earth will be destroyed. Pay close attention to what Scott Ritter has to say about this INSANITY of the West, especially the United States, with regards to this issue. Also, note that the current situation in Ukraine was CAUSED by the United States & NATO. If you don't understand this, then it is time to study many of the serious articles on this website & elsewhere and STOP listening to the Media & our government. This insanity must be stopped, else NO life will be left on our earth. If you don't believe this, then you really don't understand how serious the stakes are. WAKE UP!!! — RAD)