Scott Ritter: Colossal Miscalculations in Israel, Ukraine, Europe, United States

by Dialogue works [10-27-2023 published].

(Regardless of what you think about Israel, Hamas, Palestinians, Ukraine, Russia, & the United States, this is a hard hitting video interview where Scott Ritter examines these issues from military intelligence & historical perspectives. Scott doesn't sugar coat words. As he points out, you must understand the problems in order to find a meaningful solution. Very few people really understand the underlying problems in these areas, especially politicians, and we are heading into some monumental disasters unless people wake up. He does offer solutions.  — RAD)

Scott Ritter is a former Marine intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union, implementing arms control agreements, and on the staff of General Norman Schwartzkopf during the Gulf War, where he played a critical role in the hunt for Iraqi SCUD missiles. From 1991 until 1998, Mr. Ritter served as a Chief Inspector for the United Nations in Iraq, leading the search for Iraq’s proscribed weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Ritter was a vocal critic of the American decision to go to war with Iraq. His new book, Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union, is his ninth.