Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon – Ukraine’s Fate Is Sealed

by Garland Nixon [9-6-2023 published].

(This discussion is very sobering. The Russian military in Ukraine today is far superior in strength & combat effectiveness than their military that went into Ukraine in early 2022. Early on there was an agreement to settle the conflict, yet the West stupidly wanted to fight. The Russians have learned quickly and adapted their strategies to everything that the West has thrown at them. They are now battle hardened and probably the most effective military in the world at this time. On the other hand, it NATO and/or the United States attempts a direct confrontation with the Russian military, the West wouldn't stand a chance. The West is also no match against the Chinese. Pentagon people tasked with analyzing war games with China have realized that the United States would lose in every scenario. Scott Ritter & Garland Nixon walk us through this critical & sobering analysis that needs to be understood. — RAD)

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