Prussia Gate

by Will Zoll.

Will Zoll's research connects a lot of dots that helps us better understand the geopolitical forces shaping the world we live in today and what steps we need to take to regain our freedoms from tyrannical rule.

Summary [11-4-2021]

An invisible hand sits behind humanity, exerting control over the human will. This hidden virus scours the earth, looking for hosts who will adopt its ideology, and wage war against dissenters.

You cannot leave a captivity that you cannot see.

Prussian ideology is this captivity. The awakening is seeing this invisible enemy, knowing its patterns, recognizing how we engage with it and understanding its ultimate end-game. Revealing the hidden enemy, is how humanity defeats the hidden enemy.

Understanding the ancient Prussian playbook shines unwanted light upon this tyrannical insurgent. This is the road to true freedom.

This is #PrussiaGate.

The #PrussiaGate papers are revealing when and how the most formidable army on earth [appeared] to fade away, but really just became invisible. This was the key to their transition from localized wars to complete world domination. To do this successfully, they would need to control intelligence agencies and media, but they also selected to use central banks, debt and large corporations to control the people. In this way, the US was essentially the “head of the snake”, although the influence was world-wide.

In terms of really understanding this ‘invisible hand’, the 2016 US election would prove to be a turning point for the entire world. Humanity received a four-year lesson in how the media deceive and how intelligence agencies were infiltrated.

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump was a remarkable period in history. He was publicly hated by the progressive left, the RINOs, the main stream media, Al Waleed bin Talal, Antifa, George Soros, BLM, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, Obama and the host of globalist pundits who expressed their disdain for the outcome of the 2016 election. Trump, also the man who at the same time became revered for leading the way against all those who hated him and everything he stood for – those deplorables who voted him into the Presidency. This following would grow to 100s millions, possibly billions, who supported everything he said and tried to accomplish. They are collectively known as the Patriots.

Trump came across as a quirky character, sometimes saying things that appeared so incorrect that it provided weeks of bad comic material for the fake news. But, for those who have operated in the shadows, Trump was not rambling incoherent lies at all. They were being dragged into the light. Trump was deadly serious and did everything he could to describe and define the enemy that was in our midst. That “Horrible Invisible Enemy” was Prussia and it attacked the world “like never before”; “worse than Pearl Harbor; worse than 9-11”.

This is a story about Prussia. The once great empire that is no more – or at least officially. As Comte de Mirabeau quoted: “Prussia is not a nation with an army, but an army that controls nations.” Prussia was never anything other than an ideology of War against all that it could not control. From the lands the Teutonic Knights had tamed, Prussia used shrewd methods of diplomatic espionage, carried out by its ambassadors and industrialists. Prussia sought to destroy everything it could not control via campaigns of “comply or die”. Prussian time frames are measured in centuries.

As one US President once said, it “was a Big Idea, a New World Order”.

At the helm of Prussia sat the mighty Hohenzollern family. By 1871, after centuries of militancy and compliant citizenry, they were no-longer just the Kings of Prussia; they were the Kaisers of Germany and the Princes of Orange, along with many other monarchs they controlled. Having spent centuries of practicing their tactic of “infiltration instead of invasion”, Prussia was gaining control of the modern World. They achieved this via secret societies, monarchs, Treaty arbitration and indirect controllers of global corporations. There was nothing they could not influence or control.

As the once-free USA came under the Prussian influence via central banking, large corporations and Treaties, Prussia embarked on the ambitious plan of implementing their “Big Idea” worldwide. Their quest was to usher in a New World Order.

JFK, Reagan and Trump all tried to warn us. Indeed, it now appears that Trump may have been warning us with everything he had. Could his odd phrases and mistakes have been clues?

The Oranges of the investigation”,

My father was born in a beautiful part of Germany”,

We were attacked like never before; not since 1917”, and

1917 - the Great Pandemic, they say, which some say did not end until the end of 1945; the soldiers were too sick to fight”.

Everything had meaning. Was the Great Pandemic a weapon, born out of Prussia, and psychological in its delivery?

Is their current weapon the Mass Psychosis of Fascism?

WWI ushered in an era of communism, Nazism, the Muslim brotherhood and radical Islam, economic chaos of bubbles, busts and depressions; all through the Art of Central Banking, the propaganda of MSM, violent protests and color revolutions. The last 100 years has seen the rise of untold death and misery upon the world. All of which have their “oranges” back in the Big Idea of Prussia.

The Jesuits, the Rothschilds and the Illuminati all lead back to Prussia.

The violence behind this Prussian ideology ensures that all humanity is contained within three realms of consciousness or the three sides of the triangle. These are fear, greed, and revolution. People are forced into deeply innate emotions, meaning that our collective mind feeds the Eye of Providence.

This is the story of the Horrible Invisible Enemy, and the War to defeat them.

Table of Contents

Note: Except for articles in a series, the individual articles are shown in reverse date order, with the most recent one first.

The ReichsWEF

  • Part 1 [4-27-2022]
    The “Not Since 1917” series concluded with the notion that Prussia did not disappear from the world stage; they simply became invisible and operated through a matrix of globalist corporations from their new base in Washington D.C. We closed out the series with an incredible speech given by President Trump, just prior to the 2016 election, where he described the ‘kult of Prussia’ and declared their time in Earth would soon be coming to an end.
  • Part 2 [5-1-2022]
    Kissinger’s Curse. One of the most infamous characters in modern history is Henry Kissinger. His musings and policy recommendations have shaped much of the Western world today, warts and all; and there are many warts. Population control, nuclear proliferation, Middle East wars, de-pegging of the USD from gold, the rise of China, the impending collapse of the West and so much more can all trace their roots back to Henry Kissinger. In fact, everything about Kissinger’s philosophy supported the traditions of Prussia; a State that uses any means possible to survive and thrive on the world stage. Prussia was a State that used a noble elite to make decisions for the people, no matter how draconian, unpopular or deadly. They used war as its principle means of bringing about the complete submission of its enemies. The playbook remains the same today. Kissinger’s education would provide the tools necessary to implement his ideological framework in America and then upon the world. His career accomplishments would have brought a tear to the eye of Frederick the Great, Hegel, Marx and every other Prussian who served their providential master; Prussia.
  • Part 3 [5-4-2022]
    The ReichsWEF’s founders and their globalist ideology reveals that this forum was carefully mobilized to ensure the controlled demolition of America and the removal of its Constitution. It was a play straight out of the Prussian playbook. 1971 was the year that the Prussian World Order would arrive forcefully onto the world stage, in preparation for its final assault on humanity. Throughout Prussia’s entire history, a permanent standing army was always maintained. When Prussia became invisible, their army required a new look. Bombs, bullets and guns were the weapons of nation states. An invisible, stateless army required a very different approach. The World Economic Forum became the central platform from which Prussia’s invisible army could operate. Their soldiers took on a different form: Politicians, CEOs, fund managers, billionaires and philanthropists. The weapons were psychological, financial and political. Prussia’s infiltration of globalist corporations during the Great Wars ensured that the WEF would effectively have a jurisdiction above even the UN. The creation of the ReichsWEF was the brain-child of Henry Kissinger, and required that he draw on his Realpolitik experience in psyops, warfare and shadow diplomacy. Others were appointed to manage the vast weaponry of the ReichsWEF and the plan for a New World Order.
  • Part 4 [5-12-2022]
    The infamy of George Soros knows no limit. He is perhaps the biggest contributor to the ReichsWEF and the movement toward a one world order. As we dig into his life, we come to find the same deep state players at work, molding Soros into the man he is today. To be fair, Soros was just 14 when he worked for the Nazis, and was likely a child acting out of survival during WWII. However, it was at this precise time he claims to have had “a very personal experience with evil”. Another person who also had a personal experience with evil was Frederick the Great, when his father forced him to witness the decapitation of his boyfriend, Herman von Katte. After Frederick recovered from the psychological devastation of the event, his blue eyes turned to cold steel and he dedicated his entire being to the place he once tried to escape; Prussia. Frederick would later reminisce about the physical and mental abuse doled out by his father. Rather than hate the man, he claimed his father was doing the right thing and that it molded him into the great character he had become, which in turn shaped Prussia into a world power. Soros also claims his experience with evil was what built his character. Was the formation of Soros’ character also designed to serve Prussia?

Not Since 1917

  • Part 1 [2-16-2022]
    SUMMARY. The two World Wars of the 20th Century had a profound and lasting effect on the world. As war broke out in 1914, the new inventions in weaponry provided incredible efficiency in killing. The worst capabilities of man were released upon the world.
  • Part 2 [2-19-2022]
    In Part I we laid out the overall picture of what this research dig would explore. Each part will provide more detail as to how the infiltration took place. At the heart of this series is the assertion that from 1914 – 1947, Prussia embarked on a 33-year mission to become completely invisible, a feat which simultaneously involved the infiltration of the US.
  • Part 3 [2-21-2022]
    1918: The “Fall” of Hohenzollern; the Rise of the Invisible Enemy. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the Allied powers and Germany signed an armistice. It is hardly surprising that Germany would lose the war. The disastrous Schlieffen Plan (Part 2) had Germany on a kamikaze mission that was doomed to destroy the nation and inflict horrific damage on the world at the same time.
  • Part 4 [2-25-2022]
    Each part of this series represents periods in Germany’s history that contributed to the rise of an invisible shadow government. What’s going on in the world today is mirroring what went on in Nazi Germany. This means that Germany’s experience can help us make an invisible enemy, visible.
  • Part 5 [3-2-2022]
    Throughout Germany’s hyper inflationary-hell in the 1920s, there was one nation who tried to help them; the United States. This help was not from everyday Americans; it was from the self-professed elites, many of whom had been planted into the US from Prussia, years before.
  • Part 6 [3-15-2022]
    Invisible to Visible: We arrive at the final Part in this series which has focused on the invisible enemy’s tactics in Nazi Germany. This history offers a valuable guide for understanding the patterns and playbook of the enemy we are facing today. “You cannot leave a captivity that you cannot see.” General Smedley Butler is a national treasure. He was the most decorated Marine in history and he used every tool at his disposal to expose the invisible enemy that we face today.

Hegel, War, the Owl and the Slaves of Bohemia [1-17-2022]
We are now at a critical juncture in #PrussiaGate. What started out as a random exploration into President Trump’s “Oranges of the investigation” has morphed into a project which appears to grow with every dig. The information just keeps presenting itself, adding to the weight of insight around this tyrannical rule that has exerted itself upon humanity. We truly do have more than we know; it’s just been invisible all this time.

The Prussian Origins of the U.S. Federal Reichsbank [1-10-2022]
Thomas Jefferson was no fan of private central banking. He knew all too well what would happen should the issuance of currency be taken away from the government and placed in the hands of private banks. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around (these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

The Prussian Origins of Skull and Bones [12-29-2021]
We have analyzed the Prussian origins of Phi Beta Kappa and the Alfalfa Club, and how philosophy was weaponized to infiltrate and dominate the American landscape academically, politically and industrially. Prussia, however, is not a nation, but an army that controls nations. Philosophy was not enough to take over a nation. A militant order was to be established that could take over the halls of power and install the Prussian model of government.

The Prussian Origins of Marxism [12-21-2021]
In 1917, Lenin and Trotsky launched the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Just over a century later, many nations have fallen to similar communist revolutions. This has led to mass death, poverty, famine, war and cultural collapse. Today, the scourge of communist ideology has infiltrated our schools, universities and public service. Disregarding the disastrous outcomes of a failed ideology, the radical left continues to believe in a man whom they believe laid the foundations of communism and provided a pathway for the future of humanity. That man is Karl Marx.

Prussian Weaponized Philosophy [12-19-2021]
1776: True freedom is extremely illusive. I would argue there have been very few times in human history, where humans have been free from tyrannical rule. Maybe when people were truly free, anarchy prevailed, but anarchy is certainly not freedom. Freedom is living within appropriately designed, agreed-to laws which align with our God-given rights. For example, a speed limit has the spirit of love behind it. It seeks to preserve life. Freedom allows each community to choose what that limit might be. If the community choose no speed limit, that is freedom. They may review that law, if too many people die as a result. 1776 was a pivotal year for the United States, but also for the entire world. Freedom was being declared and appropriate laws were being drafted. One could be forgiven for thinking that the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are only relevant to the US people. I would agree with this comment IF that tyrannical government was contained within the US. But what if a tyrannical government had entrenched itself in the US first, and expanded its reach throughout the globe? If this were true, then the US Constitution may be good news for the entire world.

The Prussian Origins of Modern Education [12-6-2021]
Modern education appears to have fallen off the rails. Many of us were at least somewhat aware of the left leaning political views of the Educational Industrial Complex. When lockdowns were imposed around the world, parents began to see firsthand what their children were learning. It was a complete shock to discover the extent to which woke activist teachers and school boards went to indoctrinate our children toward their dystopic vision of society. Once parents awakened to the agenda of woke indoctrination of their children, the war between parents and the Educational Industrial Complex intensified.

Marburg: The Four Horsemen, the Marburg Files, Snow White and Revolution – A Prussian Dream [11-20-2021]
Late in 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued yet another warning about another potentially-fatal virus: The Marburg Virus. Recall that Trump continually referred to himself as a “wartime president” and that the US had been attacked, “like never before; worse than 9-11; worse than Pearl Harbor”. These are very serious warnings and should be heeded. The world was already learning an old lesson; “the first casualty in war, is the truth”. At the forefront of this war was a virus, and if we truly are in a war against an invisible enemy, as Trump has proclaimed, then anything said by the ‘purveyors of fear’, should be taken with caution.

Marburg Files, Prince Philip, Hitler and the Queen of England [11-20-2021]
When Adolph Hitler rose to power, he made no changes to the administrative infrastructure of the Kaiser. In fact, the #PrussiaGate papers will show that Hitler was dutifully administrated by the Kaiser and his loyal Prussian army. The centre of Nazi administration was Marburg. The appointed chief of the administration was a man by the name of Erich Koch. As head of the administrative office of the entire Nazi apparatus, Koch would have had access to every communique that Germany possessed, past and present, including the information the Brothers’ Grimm used to write their “fairy tales”.

Fairy-tale Anon: Marburg and the Grimm Tales of Child Abuse [11-18-2021]
Marburg is famous for the Brothers Grimm. Known for their epic collation of fairy tales, “The Brothers Grimm”, their journey is more elaborate than the story of Snow White. Born around 1785, the brothers were plunged into poverty when their father died in 1796. It is suggested the experience of poverty deeply affected them. Whether that informed the darkness that was portrayed in their books, or perhaps a drive to succeed and rectify the problems of a disjointed Germania, we may never know.

The Prussian Pontiff [11-15-2021]
The Great Suicides: On May 18, 2017, Chris Cornell was deemed to have committed suicide by hanging himself from a doorknob. On July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington was deemed to have committed suicide by hanging himself from a door. On April 20, 2018, Tim Bergling (Avicii) was deemed to have committed suicide. On June 5, 2018, Kate Spade was deemed to have committed suicide by hanging herself with a scarf tied to a doorknob. On June 6, 2018, Ines Zorreguieta was deemed to have committed suicide by hanging herself in her Beunos Aires apartment. She was 33. On June 8, 2018, Anthony Bourdain was deemed to have committed suicide by hanging himself with a bath-robe belt from a doorknob. These tragedies occurred with a frequency and correlation that was too far outside the standard deviation to be considered coincidence. While all were labelled with mental disorders, there is an even darker underlying theme that potentially forms a deeper connect to these poor souls.

The House of Saud [11-10-2021]
Fear: One side of the triangle that feeds the Eye of Providence - Prussia. The turmoil in the Middle East has been with us for as long as most can remember. The unfortunate tragedies of perpetual war and acts of terror have made the Middle East a central exchange for misery. When central banking, another side of the triangle, unpegged from the gold anchor in 1971, it was critical to re-anchor to another ‘system’ in order to preserve its grip on humanity. That anchor was the new Petrodollar standard. This was a system that forced the world to buy USD (the world’s reserve currency after the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement) before they could buy the one thing they needed to maintain their nations’ modernity - oil.

Could we be subject to the next Prussian deception? [11-10-2021]
This is a very mature question. It is an awkward one; but an important one to ask. Within the context of the United States, those who consider that Trump may be working to expose what he calls, “the deep state - the invisible enemy - the ideological-virus”, it is appropriate and wise to thoroughly check that his arrival into politics and his social media activity, is not all a part of a far more-elaborate deception. However, to even explore such a possibility first requires that the exact playbook of the enemy is understood. This has been the focus of the #PrussiaGate papers.

The Power of the Prussian Micropenis [11-8-2021]
Adolph Hitler’s maniacal vision of totalitarian expansion and his subsequent reign of terror required an inspiration beyond the realms of human action. He needed to invoke a spirit beyond the limitations of human consciousness. He needed a providence that showed him the pathway to his vision. That Providence was Prussia, and the inspiration was Frederick the Great. Hitler and the whole Nazi era is said to have been deeply inspired by the 18th Century Prussian king. Even when all appeared lost for Hitler in WWII, as he retreated to the Fuhrerbunker in 1945, he ensured that his prized possessions came with him. One of those included a portrait painting of Frederick the Great – the man he still sought inspiration from, even though all appeared lost.

Espionage [11-7-2021]
Espionage during the middle-ages was the role of Ambassadors and envoys. The Prussian army would exploit this tactic powerfully, as their method was one of infiltration and then, invasion. They did this via the use of nobility and secret societies.

Globalist Families: Evidence of Prussian control? [11-5-2021]
If, after examining the Federal Reserve banking system, you are contemplating that the Prussians may have created and infiltrated most modern corporations on earth, then you are not alone. This is one of many examples which can be found, once you know how and where to look. How do family dynasties consistently seem to escape true accountability?

Saudi Arabia, Prussia, Wars and Modern Banking [11-5-2021]
Amidst the distraction of WW1 and the Arab Revolt (1916-1918), we see some evidence of German leadership, now controlled by the Kaiser of Prussia, becoming involved with establishing its influence over Saudi Arabia and the conflicts occurring in the middle east and around the world. The alignment with dates matching the corporatization of major nations in the 1871 – 1917 window and the establishment of the US Federal Reserve Banking System in December 1913 is uncanny and highly unlikely to be accidental.

Prussian Religious Edict of 1788 [11-5-2021]
The Religious Edict of 1788 is the Prussian declaration of divine rule, much like the 1302 Papal Bull, Unum Sanctam. They took responsibility as the “sovereign” over people within their dominion. This group were likely working in concert with the 1666 Sabbatai Zevi proclamation, as this Edict is created within 12 years of Adam Weishaupt founding a secret society (The Illuminati) on May 1, 1776. Now the timing of this in respect to the US revolutionary war in 1776 is incredible. Furthermore, this Edict was also around the time the Crown began colonizing Australia and the Pacific Region in 1788! These self-appointed world leaders were getting very busy.

The Eye of Providence [11-5-2021]
Exploration into The Eye of Providence quickly leads to the Illumiinati. They are a secret order that was made famous by Adam Weishaupt, who was a Jesuit Priest. So, to understand the Illuminati, you are essentially understanding the many controlling arms of the Jesuits. This has long taken influence over the Vatican and controls many social and political aspects of society. Freemasonry is a primary arm.

1666 [11-5-2021]
To grasp the magnitude of 1666, we must understand the emergence of corporations within society. The earliest Trusts were not legal entities as they are today, they were powerful statements of claim. They were Express Trusts. These required little formality and could even be created orally. They were commonly used for property transfers. The first significant Express Trust, in terms of its authoritative claim over humanity was Unam Sanctam, decreed in 1302, where Pope Boniface proclaimed Unam proclaimed himself ruler of the World and everything in it.

Prince of Orange, Germany and World Domination [11-5-2021]
The House of Hohenzollern seems to be an old title, relegated to the history books. Would it surprise you to learn that the head of this House still have claim to the title, Prince of Orange? They still style themselves as the Prince of Prussia or Prince of Orange, despite suggesting Prussia has been relegated to history. The status of such nobility remains unknown; however, they have not ceased to exist. Meet the current Prince of Prussia.

How are JFK, Reagan and Trump Different from the Rest? [11-5-2021]
They tried to warn us. First JFK. Then Ronald Reagan. And now Donald Trump. It appears that the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, with unlimited resources, has arrived. Its cloak of invisibiliy? Liberalism in the form of wokeness. Within the halls of a monolithic public service sector (Big Government), and in the cubicles of monolithic corporations and Industrial Complexes (Big Business), the enemy, as described by Trump and warned of by JFK and Reagan, has attacked. That Horrible Invisible Enemy is Fascism. Trump gave many clues as to the nature of the secret, repugnant conspiracy that we were facing. But the origins of Fascism need to be explained. The Fascist enemy can be found in the history and growth of an empire – a Military State Order - that exists now in name only. Prussia.

The Story [11-5-2021]
This is a story about Prussia. Prussia is an empire that is no more; a royal dynasty that is no more; a state that is no more. ‘No more’ to the public eye, that is; Prussia is now hidden, invisible and deeply penetrated within almost every nation state and the matrix of corporations that control governments. This is a story about a Horrible Invisible Enemy. The story of a Big Idea; a New World Order. Many a wise man knows about the US Act of 1871 that took the function of government away from ‘We the People’ and into a corporation, under the control of a hidden financier. But many may not know that just one month before the Act of 1871, the King of Prussia became the Kaiser of a united Germany; and that four months after the Act of 1871, a Treaty was signed between the US and Great Britain, after a century of bitter rivalry; and that the Kaiser was the appointed Arbitrator of all disputes that pertained to that Treaty.