Mike Adams & Fadi Lama – Why the West Can’t Win: From Bretton Woods to a Multipolar World

by Health Ranger Report [5-3-2024 published].

(The above video starts around 1:28:00 in the referenced Health Ranger Report)

The FALL of the WEST and why the world’s economic future belongs to China, Russia, India and Iran.

Dr. Fadi Lama has a PhD in Engineering and is skilled at analyzing data. As he explains in the above interview with Mike Adams, the normal ways of measuring economic progress, such as the GDP, are inadequate for understanding the economic health of countries around the world and their real competitive performance. It turns out that Energy is a Reliable Economic Indicator. Take a close look at the above graph and you will notice that the total Electricity Generation of the United States has remained essentially FLAT since 2000, even though our population has grown.

Now notice that the total Electricity Generation of the G-7 nations, which includes the United States, peaked around 2006 and has been decreasing ever since.

RIC is Russia, Iran & China. Notice that RIC Electricity Generation has been INCREASING since 1990 and really started climbing after 2000. It surpassed the United States around 2006 and the G-7 around 2016.

Carefully listen to this discussion to understand why this is a MAJOR PROBLEM for the entire West.

You will also learn how fighting wars has dramatically changed since WW2, yet the West & the United States have NOT adapted. Even Iran recently demonstrated that the most advanced military defense of Israel & the United States wasn't able to stop Iran from hitting desired targets within Israel & they didn't even used their most advanced missiles! Also, an old T-72 tank from the 1970s was able to knock out an M1 Abrams tank from the United States in Ukraine with only one shell. The cost difference between these two tanks is enormous.



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