Mike Adams & Alex Jones: Artificial Intelligence & How Humanity Can Win -1

by Health Ranger Report [12-15-2023 published].

(Mike Adams is a scientist who understands AI (Artificial Intelligence). Centralized control of AI by big business & governments is a threat to all of us. Mike Adams is using open source AI software to build useful AI systems that we can download & use on our own computers that he is freely sharing. Because he loves freedom & his in-depth knowledge of AI technology, he is working to counter the 'woke' systems so that we can still be free.

Our government & powerful companies are weaponizing AI against the American People and the People of the World. Free speech & our First Amendment are being designated a cyber threat. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) & CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) are using AI to actively work against us. CISA even documents how they are going to use AI to infiltrate every level of government from top to bottom to enforce the 'official woke narrative'. The underlying programming & belief of these 'approved' AI systems is that humanity is bad because of climate change. Human breathing is now considered a threat to the planet. So when AI robots are instructed to 'do good' for the planet, they will understand that people must be eliminated.

In this dialog with Alex Jones, Mike Adams lays out the threat of centralized control of AI and what can be done with open-source AI tools to counter this threat. Be sure to listen to this entire presentation and the second part. — RAD)