Insightful Discussion by JR Nyquist and Man In America About China Preparing for War Against America in 2022

Man In America & JR Nyquist

by Man In America [5-26-2022].

There has been a lot of discussion about the recently leaked audio concerning the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) preparation for war with the United States in 2022.

Nyquist has been researching China, Russia, & Communism for over 35 years. He has interviewed dissidents and whistleblowers from Chinese and former Soviet regimes. He also studies internal documents of these regimes to understand their geopolitical strategies and goals.

Nyquist warns that the long-term plan has always been for China's CCP to invade and conquer the continental United States and that China and Russia are working together towards this objective.

What indicators are we seeing that China is preparing for war? What indicates that China and Russia are cooperating? How does Ukraine factor into all of this? How is the value of the dollar being affected? How are food, energy, supply chains, & many other factors being affected all around the world? If this war breaks out, many ten's of millions of people are likely to perish.

There is a lot to unpack in this in-depth discussion that affects all of us, no matter how it ultimately turns out. Click on the following link to listen...

Discussion between Man In America & JR Nyquist


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