German Leopards: More Killing, Collaterals, No End in Sight. With a Historic Perspective on Germany’s Repeated Role in Attempting at Conquering Russia

by Peter Koenig, Global Research [1-26-2023 published].

German Leopards are sent to Kiev – so “Der Spiegel” (24.1.2023) – Chancellor Scholz has decided for more killing against all odds. Against the vast majority of the German people. Against the will of the vast majority of the people of the west. Against the vast majority of the people of the world.

Nobody wants war, only the war profiteers. And the mega-rich, megalo-psychopaths. The WEF-people, so to speak. The “controlleurs” par excellence. The elites chosen few, maybe extraterrestrials, who are privileged wanting to safe our planet, à la John Kerry – see his speech at the WEF Davos 2023:

And why do we, the People, allow the war profiteers and those megalo-psychopaths who want to control the world and its resources with the ill-begotten riches, anyway debt-based riches, money worth anything, only because we, The People, accept it – tolerate these megalos, warmongers, war maker and outright murderers?

In order to tyrannize us, the dark cult — the Death Cult, you may as well call them — has to cull us people down to an easily manageable size, do away with the useless eaters, so to speak (Harari-Schwab-speak), so the ever-diminishing non-renewable resources will last longer for their, the Death Cult’s, ever more luxury-vaganza.

That’s why they need war, have been living off wars – big wars, for more than the last century.

Those are the ones who call War Peace and Peace War.


Because for them war is peace of mind. They are never touched by war, yet war brings them ever and always more riches, ill-begotten resources. We know that. But they don’t care.

They are killers. They are oblivious to guilt and blood.


But by far the vast majority wants Peace – real Peace. Harmonious cohabitation among us neighbors, communes, societies, countries, continents – within the world population. Sovereignty for all individuals, groups; and interchange of goods and ideas, of culture, of science, as we please and as we feel is to our all-mutual benefit.

Economically speaking: Win-win, in harmony and peace. Sounds crazy – so farfetched, not possible?

How can it be crazy, if most of us would like it and would want to strive for it, if only we had a system that would allow it?

Well, we thought the Ancient Greeks gave us such a system: “Democracy”.

Also, a lie. Democracy, as we believe it was conceived, never really existed. Even in Greece 2500 years ago, only the “educated” were allowed to vote. And who were the educated? What was the criteria? You guessed it. They were pretty much what they are today – wealthy, prestigious and, yes, of course “educated”.

In conclusion, “Democracy” is a joke.


So, where does that leave us with the German Leopards?

Germany has “decided” to deliver in a first go, a Leopard battalion, of 14 Leopard II tanks.

That’s reported, among others, by the Swiss NZZ mainstream (25.1.2023 – in German).

The editors and journalists who write about it, they are so elated about delivering killing machines to the most corrupt country in Europe, they hardly can suppress their tears of joy. They are literally like children discovering their most desired and precious present under the Christmas tree. I kid you not.

That’s the state of Orwell’s 1984 dystopia we have reached. Reality has actually outdone Orwell’s brilliant foresight.

The pressure of the mainstream media may have played a role in Scholz’s decision. Or was it really Scholz’s decision – or rather a US- / NATO-coerced / suggested decision?

And why are the US / NATO – and the generally vassal-west, Europe and worldwide Anglo-saxons plus Japan, so adamant to destroy Russia? Certainly, one of the reasons is that Russia is by far the world’s largest country surface-wise, and by far the globe’s richest country in terms of natural resources.

Russia has everything – and more – the elite covets for to maintain and expand its luxurious lifestyle.

Another reason most certainly is that modern Russia under President Putin is not bending to the dictate of the west. Russia is not willing to submit to a western-dominated Globalist world, fast becoming a tyranny if not stopped in its tracks. China is not willing either to submit to a western-directed One World Order (OWO).

So, Russia and China have made a pact, under which a multipolar world would flourish, a much more natural, multi-cultural approach to a “new” world, a more peaceful and more prosperous world.

Most of Asia, and many of the hitherto so-called western countries, are also aiming at integrating into the new “realm” of peaceful coexistence, promoted by Russia and China, much to the detriment of the “old” belligerent west.

It may become an amalgam of countries, fused into socioeconomic associations, which are sick and tired of the centuries of western hegemonic exploitation. First, by the most abject exploitative and mass killing European colonies, in Africa and around the world, then – about in the 1950s and 1960s – when these colonies were set “free” to become neo-colonies – a new type of serfdom – economic usurpation emerged — and is thriving to this day.

What these still colonialized countries are aiming at is the recreation of the natural Continent of Eurasia, which was destroyed by Anglosaxony and its small brother, the French colonizers.

For those who remember the history of Eurasia, where trade was peaceful and befitting to the term “win-win”, where trading among countries, nations or simple communities was according to comparative advantages – leading to “win-win”- these people, politicians and honest thinkers will want Eurasia back.

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And guess who has already thought about this idea? China’s President Xi Jinping, when he initiated already in 2013 the New Silk Road – patterned according to the original Silk Road of 2100 years ago. The New Silk Road is also called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It attempts to connect Eurasia in trade, infrastructure, joint business ventures, science, cultural exchanges and much more. The dynamics of BRI pursue an open-ended peaceful objective of worldwide cooperation – ironing out potential conflicts with negotiations, not with war.

Yes, the “The Times they are A-Changing” (Bob Dylan, 1964).


Back to Chancellor Scholz. Maybe more than the media pressure, the pressure from Washington and NATO became too much for Scholz to bear. Yet, the world is waiting for a leader who does not follow orders from “above”, from outside, from hell, but who has his own conscience and a spine of steel, not prone to bend over for fear and coercion. One who says NO to war, despite all the interests in this dystopian Orwell-1984 world. Even if it means he has to quit over his decision. Scholz doesn’t seem to fit that profile.

Can you imagine Scholz resigning over the decision of the Leopards? Hardly. Actually, yesterday and today, we have seen he didn’t resign, but rather acquiesced with the decision from “above”, meaning Washington and Brussels.

But wouldn’t his resignation or simple refusal to deliver German Leopards to Ukraine, a country that has from the beginning fought an already lost war – wouldn’t this have been a formidable shock signal to the rest of the ultra-dystopian world?

Yes, it would have been. And it’s never too late. Is there an EU leader (sic) with the guts to say NO to war, who will not enter as a war-party into a conflict that will pull Europe apart, that could even end in a nuclear holocaust, where the survivors may not be the elite?


Germany is enmeshed in a conflict which is, indeed, against Germany’s “Constitution”.

That’s it. Germany doesn’t have their own Constitution. Germany is still under an Armistice Agreement after WWII. One of the provisions under this one-sided “Pact” among the WWII-Allies, but led by the US, says that Germany may never take a decision which is against the interests of the United States. Or else.

As we know, in today’s civilization, where murder is just another word for dominance, the “else” can mean many things. Unpleasant, indeed. Bloody. Several more venerable German leaders had attempted to break that slave-bond. They were “whiplashed” back to order.

References to this effect, the German Armistice instead of a Constitution, used to be on internet. They are all gone, cleansed and fact-checked – censured out.

The world is not to know that Germany, the economic and intellectual leader of Europe, is a mere puppet of Washington. And that whatever crazy appearing decision she takes is just toeing the line Washington has designed for her.

And the war goes on, and on, and on. Killing, maiming and killing.

More weapons into the cesspool of Kiev, creating billions of debts – Washington / Brussels create debt-money out of thin air, no backing, no chance of ever being paid back – helping creating “artificial” hyper-inflation, energy and food shortages, ruining the western economy, or rather – preparing it for being ransacked by the western oligarchy, the Death Cult, the Deep State – and the shadow monsters, Big-huge Corporate Finance. We know who they are.

Yet, from day One, from 24 February 2022, everyone who had a brain knew this war could never be won by Ukraine. Not even with endless weapon-deliveries from the west. Not even with direct interference by NATO, not even with the US sending their troops on the grounds of Ukraine. Not even with US troops marching into Russia.

Never. They are faced with a modern, tremendously efficient Russian Army – a terrific and terrifying nuclear force.

Though President Putin has often said, Russia was not a “first-strike” nuclear force, while Biden countered, the US would be a ”preventive first-strike” nation, the US / NATO would stand no chance against a Russian nuclear counter attack.

Do they realize that? Some American clear-thinking strategist-generals probably do. But the political megalos above them, who may call the final shot – the Red-Bottom trigger – they may have no clue in their narcissistic no-brain view.


At the outset, since WWI and before, it was the Anglosaxon hegemon’s idea to use Germany to wipe out the Soviet Union, then Russia. First with WWI and then with WWII – and now, with what you may already call WWIII.

It is no longer a secret that the US while fighting the Third Reich along with the so-called Allied Forces (UK, France and the Soviet Union), the US quietly – or not so quietly – financed Hitler’s war against the Soviet Union – an Ally.

Dancing on two or more weddings simultaneously has always been a rotten US strategy and is practiced as of this day.


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), set up in Basle, Switzerland in 1930, basically to settle Germany’s debt form WWI, was hardly ever used for German debt settlement because Germany was forgiven most of her debt for WWI and WWII. Probably, because they defended the Anglosaxon interests as best they could.

Instead, the BIS, largely a Rothschild-controlled private institution, close to the Swiss-German border, served to channel money directly from the US Fed to Hitler’s Reichsbank. Other collaborators with the Third Reich, included Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, IBM, Dow Chemicals, Hollywood (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer), General Motors, Ford Motos – and more.

In both WWI and WWII, the Anglosaxon hegemon lost their quest and German-proxy wars to conquer Russia, alias, the Soviet Union.

Now their third attempt at conquering Russia is under way? Again, through Germany. A lost cause from the beginning.

Especially with President Putin at the helm of the Kremlin.


In 1991, when the Berlin Wall fell, Washington was in ectasis of joy. They invited Russians from everywhere to participate in everything, from their most reputed think-tanks to the banking system, even into Pentagon advisory posts. The “strategists” from the Washington Swamp were convinced they finally won the Cold War and Russia was theirs.

Then suddenly, some ten years later, unexpectedly came along a little-known KGB agent by the name of Vladimir Putin who was elected President of Russia, head of the Kremlin. The rest is history.

Things changed. Drastically.

Again: “Times Are A-Changing” to this day. President Putin is a nationalist who defends his country, the interests of Russia’s population and theirs, the Peoples of Russia’s resources.

Contrary to the slander of the west, President Putin has no ambitions to expand the borders of Russia. In fact, Russia throughout known history NEVER was expansionist. No need. Russia with her 17.1 million square kilometers of surface (US – 9.8, just a bit over half of Russia’s) and all the natural resources riches in and above the ground, has no need to expand.

Think about it: Whoever could be naïve enough or dystopian-thinker enough to believe that Ukraine had even the tiniest chance of winning this war against Russia, not with billions and billions of weaponries from the west, not even in a dream world, must have been brainwashed into oblivion.

This does, however, not rule out the insane Death Cult wanting to wipe out most of the planet’s inhabitants, triggering a nuclear war or by other means.

German “Nachdenkseiten” reports that in one of the most recent Ukraine support packages from the US, indications are that they may contain nuclear-spiked ammunition. The article talks about the risks for Russia, but also for the Ukrainian civil society and even for the Ukrainian own soldiers. See this in German.

Remember, this would be their third futile attempt to use Germany for conquering Russia.

So, stay alert and be aware!


Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020). Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.