Douglas Macgregor & Stephen Gardner: Putin Will ATTACK warns Macgregor – Biden’s weakness endangers US and Ukraine!

by Stephen Gardner [7-4-2024 published].

(Douglas Macgregor really opens up about all of the corruption in our country and how it is destroying us and what must be done to save our country. The politicians are disconnected from the people who supposedly elected them. They quickly learn that unless they become aligned with the lobbyist, they will never be elected again. The 'rule of law' has been corrupted all over our country from the highest to lowest places. Thousands of 'temporary laws' have become fixed and now are entitlements for specific groups. Our national debt is so high that we soon won't be able to pay the interest. We are involved in wars all over the world where we shouldn't be and much of the world doesn't like our tactics. No one really wants to come and bomb our country. He talks about Europe and the rebellion of the French citizens that will be spreading throughout Europe and eventually here. Putin has no desire to invade the rest of Europe. He just wants to resolve the critical problems in Ukraine that were caused by the United States & NATO. So many things have become rotten in our country that we really need to start over in many areas. Just like it is impossible to repair a house that is rotten with termites and falling down, instead of tearing it down and starting over, we need to do the same in many areas of our government. Listen carefully to what Douglas Macgregor has to say and help find ways to restore the good concepts of our country. — RAD)