Devolution of the United States Government

In the following articles, it is very evident that Patel Patriot has done an incredible service for all of us in researching how President Trump is using Devolution to restore our country to the people. It has been evident for many years that the 'elites' have been rigging elections and ignoring the 'will of the people'. They have been enriching themselves by selling our country to our enemies. By reading these well researched articles, you will better understand the enormity of the task President Trump has faced in returning our country to us. You will also better understand how each of us has a part to play in this restoration.

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Devolution: The transfer or delegation of power to a lower level, especially by central government to local or regional administrations.

Patel Patriot's Speech at Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas This is an excellent place to start, since you get to know who he is and how this series of articles evolved.

Note: Below each link in the following, I've included excerpts from Patel Patriot's article & his Telegram channel to help you get a sense of what that article discusses & to encourage you to read the article. Although I would encourage you to read all of the articles, it isn't necessary to fully understand every last detail to grasp the implications of how Devolution is being used to restore our country to the people, instead of continuing to be run by the self-serving elites who don't love our country.

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#1 Devolution: How did we get here? (7-2-2021) | Reading | Links
On January 20th, 2021, President Donald Trump delivered his final speech at Joint Base Andrews before boarding Air Force One, leaving the Presidency and the fate of America in the corrupt hands of Joe Biden and his handlers. Like many, I was devastated and even more so, I was confused. It was obvious that the election of 2020 was rife with fraud even though the mainstream media has been diligent in emphasizing that it was the most secure election in history and that Joe Biden is the most popular “president” in history.

None of this added up. As I’ll show you in this series, Trump knew that the political establishment was using Covid-19 and the resulting push for mail-in ballots to cheat on a massive scale. Was Trump really going to let them get away with it? Was Trump going to allow America to fail without putting up a real fight? Did Trump just walk away after having his second term so obviously stolen from him?

The answer to these questions has now become clear, and that answer is a resounding “NO!”

The Devolution series outlines exactly how President Donald Trump used all the legal powers available to him as President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces to defeat the election theft. Donald Trump initiated a real Continuity of Government plan and left office on January 20th but his return is imminent.

The concept of Devolution is fundamental and part of the government's top-secret continuity of government plans.

There is so much disinformation still surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and that is by design. Was it an accident? Was it a bio-weapon? Depending on the platform you use, you may not even be allowed to ask those questions. However the answer to those questions is key to the Devolution theory because it was the launching pad for the theft of the 2020 election and ultimately the pretext for Trump having our military prepare for Devolution.

President Trump, with assistance from the United States Military, caught our foreign adversaries aiding the democrats with the theft of an election. This is bigger than just mere corruption and scandal.

This is war.

We need to step back and review everything that has happened since the release of Covid. Our enemies conspired to attack the U.S.A. with a bioweapon to steal an election with one of our political parties. That is the actual coup.

We've been thinking too small.

Do you know who hasn't been thinking too small?

President Donald John Trump.

#2 Devolution: The Defense Intelligence Agency & the Defector (7-7-2021) | Reading | Links
According to the reporting, Vice Minister Dong Jingwei of the Ministry of State Security (MSS) defected from China to the United States on Feb 10th, of 2021. Dong was previously the chief of counterintelligence for the MSS. If true, Mr. Jingwei would be the highest-level Chinese defector in history. It would be as if General Flynn when he was the Director of the DIA, defected to China with all of our military intelligence secrets.

Some of the information Dong reportedly brought with him was proof that Covid-19 was a bioweapon that was intentionally released.

In March, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with his Chinese counterparts in Alaska. This meeting took place one month after Dong Jingwei reportedly defected. The talks were hostile. Here is the Transcript of the US-China opening remarks. What everybody has missed about these "hostile" public remarks is the actual cause of them. Publicly China told the United States to stay out of China's "Internal affairs." Privately, The CCP demanded that the US hand over Dong.

China has 124,000 college aged assets scattered across our country. They have way more than just college aged assets here. China has an army within our borders. They have infiltrated and compromised nearly everything. That is why it is taking so long for Trump to make his reveal. That is why there has been an insane level of military spy aircrafts over the United States (Monkey Werx). Trump and the military are trying to neutralize as much of the threat as possible to minimize the fallout. Our enemy will fight tooth and nail to hold on to their power, but Trump and our military are preparing to deliver a death blow and they have the help of defector Dong Jingwei.

#3 Devolution: Continuity of Government (7-14-2021) | Reading
Continuity of operations (COOP) planning has been utilized by the United States since the Cold War as an effort to preserve the continuity of government (COG) in the event of a Nuclear Attack. Executive order 12656 laid the ground work and defined what a constitutes as a national security emergency.

Remember, I fully believe that we are at War.

Not the war you picture in your head involving thousands of troops clashing on a battlefield. This war is clandestine in nature. It involves cyber warfare, information warfare, electronic warfare, intelligence warfare, space warfare and I also believe biological warfare (Covid). The only option at Trump’s disposal was to initiate Devolution using our military. I’ll explain why Devolution was the only option in Part 4. For now, we will focus on the Department of Defense.

If Trump is going to pull off Devolution using the military he has to have the right man at the top of the “food chain” as his Secretary of Defense. Just two days after the Associated Press declared Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump promoted that man.

Meet Christopher C. Miller. The “former” Acting Secretary of Defense (Sec Def Miller), was promoted by President Donald J. Trump on November 9th, 2020.

Within days his promotion to Sec Def, Christopher Miller and Trump began making moves within the DoD and Pentagon that many considered unusual.

November 11th, 2020 involved the promotion of two more Trump allies: Kashyap Patel (my pseudo-namesake), and Ezra Cohen-Watnik. Each deserving of their own chapter in this story.

Kash Patel was promoted to Chief of Staff for Acting Sec Def Miller. He played a major role in uncovering the corruption of the Democrat party during both Spygate and the Ukraine Scandal.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick was promoted to fill the role of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (UDI), the top Pentagon civilian overseeing intelligence.

Ezra was first brought into the NSC by General Michael T. Flynn. He has experience with the DIA, CIA, Defense Clandestine Service, and the NSC.

Remember, Kash Patel was designated to lead the transition on behalf of the DoD. He along with Sec Def Miller and the rest of Trump’s allies “refused to provide information about current operations, particularly in the special operations realm”.

The more research I do, the more peace it brings me. I have never been more confident that Devolution is real.

President Donald John Trump is a fighter. He saw this coming. He prepared for everything. He possesses a courage few could dream of. He was built for this moment. President Donald John Trump loves this country too much to let us be destroyed when there was something he could do to prevent that. So he acted. Devolution is real. Enjoy the show!

#4 Devolution: A Wartime President (7-17-2021) | Reading
When January 20th came and Trump boarded AF1 leaving Biden as the president, I was devastated. Everybody knew the election was fraudulent. There was no possible way Trump was just going to walk away from a stolen election.

Then he did.

I honestly couldn’t comprehend what had happened. Like many of you, I could feel it in my bones that this couldn’t be how the story ends. I started searching for answers. The devolution theory was one of the only plausible scenarios I could see playing out but I always ran into the same question.

Devolution isn’t meant to be permanent and certainly wouldn’t be able to last for 4 years. How does President Trump come back before 2024?

The reality is, I don’t think he ever “left”.

The audits have their role, but I don’t think it will be to decertify anything.

We need to be thinking bigger.

I firmly believe he initiated Devolution prior to leaving office so it only makes sense to me that he also cemented his “return” prior to leaving office. The two go hand-in-hand.

Sometime between December 7th (When Trump issued executive order 13961: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience) and January 6th, 2021, President Donald Trump used a Presidential Emergency Action Document (PEAD) to suspend the counting of the electoral college votes.

Trump often compared himself to Lincoln. Like Abe Lincoln, Trump was left to determine “what degree of force the crisis demanded.” He acknowledged a war that was already underway, and he used his allotted war powers to fight back. I believe Trump used a PEAD as a way to “[avail himself] of the broader powers conferred by the Constitution in cases of insurrection.” The comparison of Trump and Lincoln will only grow stronger. Both did what they had to for the sake of the nation they loved.

#5 Devolution: The Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency & Dominion Voting Systems (7-21-2021) | Reading | Shorter Version
So because the EISCC operates under the framework of CIPAC and is exempt from Public Law 92-463 (exempt from oversight), they are classified as “Special Government Employees” and they have been certified that their “services outweighs the potential for a conflict of interest created by the financial interest involved.”

This means our government knows there is a “potential for a conflict of interest created by the financial interest involved” for members of the EISCC because the “official responsible for the employee’s appointment” has to certify it. They know there is a conflict of interest for members of the EISCC yet they allow it to operate without oversight.

Why is this so important? Scroll down and check out the member affiliations of the Election Infrastructure Subsector Coordinating Council’s 2020 Charter. Try not to shit your pants.

Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic were two of the members of the EISCC which “advises and assists” our government with election security by “coordinating with the DHS to develop, recommend, and review sector-wide plans, procedures, and effective practices in support of infrastructure protection, including training, education, and implementation”.

Our Government knew there was a conflict of interest because they had to sign a waiver certifying they knew. Yet, the members of the EISCC who were the very companies used for basically every aspect of the 2020 election (machines, ballot printing, etc.) were also in charge of the “physical security, cyber security, and emergency preparedness of the nation’s election infrastructure” and they HAD NO OVERSIGHT.

Everything about the 2020 election points to fraudulent activity.

Devolution has to be real because there is no other way we will ever rid ourselves of the corruption in our government.

#6 Devolution: Antifa & the Capitol Riot (7-30-2021) | Reading
It’s been incredible to see the different ways people from all ends of the political spectrum have reacted to the events that transpired during the January 6th “Save America” rally.

We know Trump is always thinking 10 steps ahead. We know he doesn’t do anything without having thought of every possible outcome first. He doesn’t ask a question he doesn’t already know the answer to. Trump was selling this as the rally to “Save America” from the stolen election. There was going to be a million MAGA patriots in attendance. Antifa had been infiltrating events all summer. It was so obvious that they would do it again at this rally. “What was Trump thinking”? There has to be more to the story!

One of the themes throughout this Devolution series has been “We need to think bigger”.

Antifa has been operating in the United States since the 1980s but were relatively under the radar. That was until 2017 when the first notable violent display took place at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Everything that happened in 2020 was about the election. That is all the Democrats and media cared about. They were desperate to get Trump out of office.

They wanted to frame Trump and his supporters as white supremacists who have caused all this racism in our country. They needed a race war to blame on us. They used Antifa to fuel the flames and the Democrat governors did nothing to stop the madness, calling Trump a tyrant for even thinking about interfering with federal troops or the military.

What I’m going to focus on now is some of the interesting things that happened behind the scenes & how this all ties in with with January 6th and Devolution.

In order for military to get involved in handling terrorism, there needs to be a “foreign” or “international” aspect to the group(s) committing the terrorism.

How Jan 6th played out was far more beneficial to Trump’s enemies than it was for Trump and it was so obvious that something like this would happen. Antifa is known for infiltrating these types of events yet Trump gave them a massive opportunity to do so. What was he thinking?

As always, he was thinking 10 steps ahead.

Trump set them up.

Think about this in terms of chess, there are moves and counter moves. In the game of chess, a sacrifice is “giving up one of your chess pieces with the objective of gaining a tactical or positional advantage”. This is what January 6th was to Trump. He wanted the electoral college vote to go through because (my theory is) he suspended the vote so the actual counting of the votes didn’t matter anyway. Things needed to move forward so we could get to where we are today.

The democrats obviously thought the challenges to the electoral votes would be a problem so they made their move to stop it. Trump saw this coming, and as usual was prepared. Instead of making a defensive move, he let them go too far once again, making themselves vulnerable. The actions that took place on January 6th was a trap and everything is falling into place for Trump. Even though it may look like they captured Trump’s queen, he now has all he needs for the checkmate.

#7 Devolution: Foreign Interference (8-3-2021) | Reading
Did you know, that on January 5th, 2021, Donald Trump signed an executive order which I believe further proves that Devolution is real? January 6th was such a shit show that this Executive Order largely went unnoticed in the background of the insurrection. I didn’t know about it until very recently. Before I show you that order, let me provide the needed background first.

On September 12, 2018, President Trump issued Executive Order 13848: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

This is what I meant by “Trump used the EO to weed out bad actors”.

His September 2018 EO 13848 created a path for the DOD and the military to bypass all agencies and report directly to the president any information they find regarding foreign interference in an election.

His May 2019 EO 13873 prohibits using components in our critical infrastructure made by foreign adversaries.

It also shouldn’t be surprising that the voting machines used in our elections are powered by Chinese hardware.

“20% of the hardware and software components” came from suppliers in China. How have we been able to trust the results of any modern day election? The answer is we can't and the 2020 election provides a great example.

President Donald J. Trump left an opportunity for the Military to take remedial actions to counter and correct the stolen election. Everything points to them seizing that opportunity.

#8 Devolution: How & When (8-8-2021) | Reading
I’ve discussed many times already that the Military would be the only ones to win this war for Trump due to the CCP infiltrating so many of our institutions including the highest levels of our government and government agencies.

The Democrats did everything they could throughout Trump’s presidency to remove him from office. As I’ve already presented throughout the Devolution Series, the CCP used Covid-19 and the riots as their primary vehicles to damage Trump’s re-election chances prior to the election taking place. When nothing worked and Trump was clearly going to win by a landslide, Trump’s enemies were forced to alter the election results using the voting machines (on top of other methods). These two facts are important because in order for the Military to take an active role in this war, they needed a legal reason for doing so. CCP involvement was their reason.

My personal theory regarding Devolution is constantly evolving as I continue to research and I’m now certain that that Scavino is “in the know”.

The Military knew before June 1st that there were foreign actors involved in these riots but they didn’t get involved with active surveillance (publicly anyway) until it got to the point that city and state governments failed in their duty to protect the citizens of their States.

I believe DNI Ratcliffe presented a report to Trump on December 12th showing two things.

  1. China interfered in our election.
  2. The Intelligence Community was covering it up.

There is little doubt in my mind that with the technological capabilities employed by the United States Space Force, that they saw foreign interference as it was happening. They were ready to act as needed but they were waiting for the the constitutional process to play out and gave the Intelligence Community a chance to do their job as required by Executive Order 13848. The Military waited until it was obvious the IC was going to allow the election to be stolen and they had failed in their duty to protect the citizens of their States.

I know that you might not be expecting so many words from Winston Churchill in this piece, but my conscience won't allow me to exclude them. My conclusion will come following the screenshots. I believe these are words that our country needs to be reminded of right now, and I believe they directly reflect the reason why we've HAD to go through what we've been through with this election.

There is one more person in this story that I have yet to talk about and I think now is the time to view his actions from a different perspective. January 6th, 2020, will always be remembered as a stain on American history. For Mike Pence, January 6th had to be one of the most difficult days of his life. So many American’s who once admired him as a Patriot began vilifying him as a Judas.

By not doing anything extraordinary or inconsistent with his constitutional role during the electoral college vote, Mike Pence actually did one of the most extraordinary things a Vice President has ever done. By doing his duty, he gave Congress the opportunity to choose their fate. Devolution was already in motion and his role was to allow Biden to win the electoral college vote if Congress let it get that far.

Even though he knew many people would brand him a traitor, he did exactly what the moment required of him.

We owe Mike Pence our gratitude.

Devolution Addendum Part 1: Where is Trump? (8-12-2021) | Reading
Trump knew long before he announced his run for office that winning the 2016 Presidency was a monumental task. He wasn’t going up against just one opponent from the opposite political party. He was going up against the entire political establishment. His victory in 2016 embarrassed them.

This embarrassment fueled them to do anything and everything they could to remove Trump from office. Trump’s Presidency was a threat to the political establishment’s very own existence. He was an outsider who didn’t play by the rules.

He told us himself that the time for small thinking is over. Trump’s goal from day one has been to save America from the political establishment. He knew they would attempt to steal the election and I believe my Devolution series presents a strong case showing that, and now he has set the table to eradicate the political establishment altogether.

In order for us to do our part, we needed to see for ourselves exactly what the political establishment looks like.

Right now, it appears as if America has lost everything, and what has that done? It’s showing us who isn’t loyal. We’re seeing that our elected government, government agencies, our media and big tech are not loyal to America. Many of us have already known this, but this isn’t about just us. This is about America as a whole. Trump is trying to show everybody that the political establishment has completely sold us out.

The mainstream media, who Trump lovingly and accurately refers to as the enemy of the people, is completely imploding because they cannot stop lying to us. They’re viewership numbers are tanking and America’s trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low. People don’t enjoy being lied to all day and Biden’s “presidency” has been exposed as the biggest lie of them all.

America is being “red-pilled” one person at a time and Trump doesn’t have to do anything because the political establishment is doing a better job at “red-pilling” than he ever could.

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment, with a new government controlled by you, the American people.” In order for Devolution to work, we need to take back control of our government from the ground up. If Trump makes his reveal before the cancer has been fully exposed, we risk not removing all of it.

Trump told us in his final campaign ad from 2016 that “The only force strong enough to save our country is us”, and he meant every word.

#9 Devolution: The Military (8-20-2021) | Reading
The Joint Chiefs of Staff is the body of the most senior uniformed leaders within the United States Department of Defense. Their primary function is to serve as advisers to the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council on military matters. The Joint Chiefs of Staff consists of a chairman (CJCS), a vice chairman (VJCS), and the service chiefs of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and the chief of the National Guard Bureau. Each of the individual service chiefs, outside their JCS obligations, work directly under the secretaries of their respective military departments, e.g. the secretary of the Army, the secretary of the Navy, and the secretary of the Air Force.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are nowhere within the Chain of Command.

Again, I will point out that I believe Devolution has been implemented because we are, in fact, at war - a point which I’ll solidify further below. Our military has a constitutional requirement to make the defense of our homeland their first priority. As such, the military’s involvement in the surveillance of protests and election theft only serve to make Devolution an even more viable scenario, as it clearly indicates that these matters are of vital interest to our national security.

In order to fully understand how Devolution would be enacted through the military, it’s important to understand the Chain of Command within our Department of Defense.

Combatant Commands (COCOMs), also known as a unified combatant commands, are the highest possible echelon of military command and are overseen by what’s called the Unified Command Plan (UCP).

There are 11 COCOMs in total; each falling into a category designated as geographical or functional.

Seven of the COCOMs are designated as geographical, meaning they are responsible for all operations, etc., within a clearly defined actual location on or above the Earth — such as “Africa” or “Space.”

Four of the COCOMs are designated as functional, meaning they are responsible for a clearly defined specific type of operation, etc., but across all geographical and spatial lines — for example, “cyber” or “special operations.”

To assume the rank of a Combatant Commander, the four-star general is recommended by the Secretary of Defense, nominated for appointment by the President of the United States, confirmed by the Senate and commissioned— at the President’s order— by the Secretary of Defense. Of the 11 current Combatant Commanders, 10 of them were installed during Trump’s presidency.

I believe the Combatant Commanders play an integral role in Devolution.

Throughout the Devolution series I have shown you ways that Trump was “preparing the battlefield” in anticipation of foreign election interference by using executive powers.

This is a bombshell. General Nakasone is essentially saying that since “election systems” are now classified as critical infrastructure, a cyberattack on election systems moving forward would cross the threshold into war. Reminder that the entire Devolution theory is based on the United States being at war, allowing Trump to exercise specific war powers.

It’s important to remember that while they support their partners in federal agencies (DHS & FBI), the military also has a pulse on how many in those agencies have been corrupted. Knowing that is key. Remember that Dong Jingwei brought with him terabytes of data which included information on who was working for the CCP within our government and federal agencies. The military would know who they can share information with and whether they can share information at all.

Considering the information I have listed above, a very clear picture emerges. One can easily see that the military, through Cybercom and the NSA (both headed up by General Nakasone), was well-positioned and highly prepared to address any foreign interference in our election. There should be little doubt that if China did interfere in our November 3rd election— as many people, including Trump, have hinted at— the military caught them doing it. The only question that remains is what did they do with that information?

We are at a critical moment in our country’s history and its very survival hangs in the balance.

Devolution Addendum Part 2: COGCON2 (8-25-2021)
Let’s dig a little deeper by discussing the role of essential functions in Continuity of Operations Plans and discuss why they are important to devolution. Take a look at Presidential Policy Directive - 40.

Remember that according to the COGCON levels, there is a requirement of staff to be prepared and ready to operate at alternate locations to prepare for the implementation of COOP plans. Think back to President Trump’s final day in office. He left the white house on Marine One shortly after 8AM and headed to Joint Base Andrews for his farewell speech. This took place hours prior to the “inauguration” of Joe Biden. The only person of significance from his cabinet that was there to see him off was Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. We know that because he is the only one Trump acknowledged in his speech.

Where were the rest of his cabinet members? Where was Chris Miller? If we were really at COGCON level 2, were some of these cabinet members at alternate facilities preparing for initiation of the devolution plan?

Joe Biden’s inauguration was completely different from every prior inauguration. Typically, the outgoing President attends the inauguration and gets a send off from the new President.

Trump viewed Biden as illegitimate because that is exactly what he is. Add the COGCON alert to the growing list of circumstantial evidence that Devolution is happening.

I find it fascinating that as time goes on we find more and more indications that a COOP has actually been implemented. Things that seemed irrelevant at the time have now become crucial pieces of evidence pointing to devolution.

It makes me more and more confident that….


#10 Devolution: The Silent War (8-31-2021) | Reading
By the end of this article I believe you will understand exactly why the situation in Afghanistan is unfolding the way it is, what role Trump has in it, and that we are truly on the precipice of taking back our country.

Many of our government leaders and government institutions have been corrupted nearly beyond repair. They have been selling America out for personal gain for years. They do it because it’s extremely lucrative and they do it because they have gotten away with it for so long. They thought they were invincible.

There is only one remaining group of individuals that stands in the way of the total destruction of America. That group is the United States military.

So in order to properly provide context to why devolution had to happen, we need to look back at what got us here. Why did the political establishment fight Trump’s Presidency so hard; as if their lives depended on it? Why were they so desperate to stop Trump that they over-played their hands and blatantly stole an election? Where did the “silent war” begin?

Hillary Clinton is basically Joe Biden in a pant suit with a mean streak for “suiciding” anyone who might have dirt on her. Both are products of the corrupt political establishment they are beholden too, and both sold out their country for personal gain.

“The administration could not publicly admit that Benghazi was mostly a secret CIA effort.” “Internal conflict between agencies.” Will we ever know the true scope of what happened during Benghazi? Maybe not. There is definitely more to the story, however I now want to discuss how this relates to the the theme of the article; that our corrupt political establishment and their actions are at odds with the military and their duty to uphold the security and independence of the United States. This is where we see ties between Benghazi and Devolution.

Let’s once again look into the background of the man at the epicenter of the Devolution Series; Christopher C. Miller.

The political establishment was using the military to advance their political agendas. They created a bureaucratic chain of command in which operational decisions were made through the Pentagon.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the Obama administration— along with the entire political establishment— was shocked and in a panic. Their criminal enterprise was at risk of exposure. General Michael Flynn was their worst nightmare. They desperately needed Flynn out of the picture so they turned to who they always turn to: the MSM, Big tech, and the intelligence community.

The political establishment loves to use the phrase “systemic racism” in an attempt to pin all of America’s problems under a label that serves only to cause more division and hide the causes of the actual problems. The reality is that the far bigger “systemic” problem in our country is that of systemic political corruption.

Biden claims he was handcuffed by the deal Trump made with the Taliban for leaving Afghanistan, but I would like to offer an alternative theory. It looks more and more to me as though once again, Trump set a trap and once again, Biden and the Democrats walked right into it.

The political establishment has come to the end of their road. Trump and the military are playing them like fiddles at every turn. The final chapter of the political establishment has culminated with Joe Biden as a fake “president,” red-pilling America with his every move. We are rapidly approaching the climax of this war. We are on the precipice of a new era in American history. An era inspired by the principles our founding fathers had hoped, fought, and died for.

#11 Devolution: CrowdStrike (9-17-2021) | Reading
In this article, I’ll be focusing more on the battle that occurred during Trump’s presidency, including how the political establishment was even more pervasive in their election theft than we originally suspected.

I’m not going to get too deep into the weeds here with Spygate because this isn’t my area of expertise. I encourage you to follow Brian Cates and his work as he is the authority on all things Spygate. I do want to mention this because there has been some recent developments regarding Michael Sussmann and it provides some context for what I will be discussing throughout this article.

The supposed hack of the Democratic National Convention servers was yet another story used to further the narrative that Russia was actively interfering to get Donald Trump elected President in 2016.

Now this is where things get even more interesting. On July 25, 2019, President Trump had his infamous call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy; the call that led to his first impeachment trial. One of the most overlooked aspects of the call--by the media, at least-- was President Trump’s mention of CrowdStrike specifically.

The last piece of information I’d like to share here, and perhaps the most relevant considering the recent movement we’re seeing from John Durham, relates to who provided a copy of Seth Rich’s DNC laptop to the FBI as part of the murder investigation.

I don’t need to once again go over the fact that Donald Trump won the election. We will see proof of that in due time. Instead, I’ll go over some of the more technical details of the voting machines and security measures that were in place for the 2020 election as they pertain to CrowdStrike, the company heavily involved in the Spygate scandal.

The hack that started sometime in March of 2020 but wasn’t discovered until December of 2020 allowed hackers access to Dominion Voting Systems and therefore also to CrowdStrike who had software on hundreds, if not thousands, of Dominion machines.

These crimes are back in the spotlight. The political establishment may finally see some justice for what they have put Donald Trump through and for what they have put us through. Grab your popcorn folks.

#12 Devolution: "Playbook" (10-6-2021) | Reading | Links
In my previous articles I have discussed the larger battle ongoing between Donald Trump and the political establishment. The “swamp,” the “deep state,” whatever you want to call this enemy, we know they are entrenched throughout all of our major institutions. They did everything they could to prevent Trump from being elected in 2016 and blatantly stole an election in 2020.

Just how deep does the Swamp go? I intend to figure that out to the best of my abilities. This article is going to be the first of at least two articles solely focused on the “deep state” and the tactics they have used throughout Trump’s presidency which culminated in the theft of the 2020 election. Everything from the Russia hoax to installing Biden as president is connected.

I’ve said before that Trump had a choice to make leading up to January 20th, 2021. He could either reveal the fraud and remain in office, or “walk away.” What would have happened if Trump made the moves to prevent Joe Biden from taking office? The report from the Transition Integrity Project gave us the answer. There would have been violence in the streets. With tensions as high as they were, we would have had a civil war in our country. The exact type of brief civil war where civilians actually die and Trump would have been forced to act. This would have placed him squarely in a situation where he would undoubtedly be condemned no matter how he responded…that’s how color revolutions work.

Trump really only had one option to save the country from that turmoil; he had to walk away in order to save lives.

Devolution is just one aspect of Trump’s plan to save America. Trump knew well before taking office how corrupt and entrenched the political establishment is. How do you defeat an enemy like that? How do you destroy it so it never returns? It’s one thing to “cut the head off” but how do you make sure another doesn’t grow in its place?

In order to obtain a total victory, you must first arm yourself with the proper “weapons” with which to do battle.

#13 Devolution: Shadow Government (11-3-2021) | Reading
This article leaves no doubt that Devolution is REAL!

As always I bring the receipts. The proof comes in the form of an Executive Order that Donald Trump signed on December 7th, 2020 regarding the "implementation and execution" of a continuity plan stemming from his authority as a War-time President. I also lay out the key players and what they are doing now.

Take the time to read this. You will feel much more comfortable about what is happening in today's world. Don't forget to share it around!

It laid out more details to the plan than any of the others.

It confirmed everything I’ve been seeing but couldn’t explain.

I knew Trump didn’t just hand everything to the military. There was more going on that didn’t involve the military.

For example:

Look at the Biden State Department. They had no idea we had the top Chinese spy as a defector. They are negotiating with Iran to get back into the Obama nuclear deal then suddenly there are more sanctions dropped on Iran. They say nothing. It killed the deal. They closed the embassy in Afghanistan which prevented Americans from leaving and failed to communicate at all with our allies who had troops there which caused the UK parliament to hold Biden in contempt. First time that’s happened.

Then look at Biden’s DOJ.

It has lost every single case defending Biden’s EO’s and mandates.

It is toothless. All it has done is issue threatening letters to intimidate Americans and force corporations to do their bidding which is now failing as more corporations are getting rid of mandates. Fascism.

Remember Obama’s DOJ? He ended all criminal investigations against anybody tied to the democrats or the deep state. Clinton foundation. Clinton emails. Muslim Brotherhood stealing secrets and even killed the investigation in to the worldwide money laundering operation that involved Hezbollah and Alex Saab.

But have you seen Alex Saab has been extradited and is in court facing charges? That ain’t Biden’s DOJ.

Every week more and more sex trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering arrests are happening. That’s cutting off the cabals money streams. Obama used the DOJ to go after his political enemies. He did it to our Attorney General in Texas. Everyone feared Obama’s DOJ. Nobody fears Biden’s. Our AG who Obama failed to get rid of just did a press conference cause he’s suing Biden again and at the press conference he said...Let’s go Brandon! His DOJ not only can’t stop the Durham investigation but can’t stop the criminal investigations into Biden and his family.

Now let’s look at Biden’s Treasury. It is continuing the same policies Trump had in place when he left. Low interest rates to help the American people with mortgages and loans. My spit ball is that when the time is right they will raise rates to tank the market which is a bubble on Biden’s watch.

What else is the Treasury doing. They are still targeting and going after all the priority targets of the Trump administration. All the money launderers and drug traffickers such as Alex Saab and they are working with the shadow DOJ of Trump.

All of these reasons and more told me there had to be a shadow presidency going on and it wasn’t all just placed in the military’s hands.

It’s no longer a question of if devolution is real, but rather when and how it is revealed.

Devolution Addendum Part 3: Exhausting All Options (11-22-2021) | Reading
The amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to devolution happening right now is undeniable, but the most difficult aspect to figure out is how it will unfold and get Trump back in office.

In this addendum I’m going to discuss two figures that I haven’t yet spent any time on, but have been taking center stage as of late. One of them we know has been working behind the scenes for years, but the other is just about to make his mark. These two individuals are John Durham and Mike Lindell.

When I look at the timeline of Mike Lindell there is one thing that really sticks out to me. He has been meeting with Donald Trump in private and has done so mulitple times since the first private meeting was reported on January 15th, 2021. Those are just meetings we know about. In the interview Trump did with Mike, Trump all but gave his endorsement of what Mike Lindell is doing with his upcoming date with SCOTUS.

When operating as intended, our Constitutional form of government is what sets America apart from every other nation on Earth. We are the last remaining beacon of freedom.

If the evidence Mike Lindell claims to have is genuine, then we have already seen the failure of both the legislative and executive branches of our government due to rampant election fraud. Many members of congress are illegitimate just like the current “president” occupying the White House. That means on January 6th, an illegitimate congress rubber-stamped an illegitimate president resulting in the failure of both those branches.

If the only remaining branch of government (judicial) fails to recognize and rectify the 2020 election and illegitimacy of the other two branches, then all three branches of government would no longer be functioning as intended. Our form of government under the United States Constitution would no longer exist; a genuine constitutional crisis. I believe reaching this point would move us another step closer to the reveal of Devolution. We first have to exhaust all available legal and constitutional methods before military involvement is warranted. I truly believe this is how it will play out and here is my reasoning.

As I have been saying since day 1 of my series, in order for Trump to return, there needs to be a super majority of Americans ready and willing to accept his return. The fact this has been pushed back until now when it didn’t need to be tells me it was done so on purpose. It has been timed to coincide with the multitude of failures of Biden’s administration and the mass awakening of Americans that has resulted from those highly visible failures.

The conspiracy case that John Durham is showing us with these “speaking indictments” clearly shows the highest levels of the Obama administration were involved in this, including Joe Biden and Obama himself. Multiple agencies from our intelligence community are also complicit. If they truly had any control whatsoever, they would do absolutely anything they could to shut John Durham down, which is my entire point. They clearly don’t have control over John Durham. Why?

Are John Durham and Mike Lindell operating under the auspices of the military?

As we discovered in Devolution - Part 13, the scope of the devolution plan is much larger than we first realized.

If the same people who will be taken down by John Durham also played a role in the theft of the 2020 election, wouldn’t it make sense for the devolution plan to account for John Durham’s investigation and provide an avenue for it to continue uninterrupted? Commissioning him to the military during a devolution operation would truly move him out of their reach.

If Trump and his team are to exhaust all legal and constitutional methods of rectifying the 2020 election, they need to go before SCOTUS with irrefutable and concrete evidence. Maybe Mike Lindell is the guy to bring that evidence forth. If he is to truly move the chess pieces forward, his evidence has to be solid and irrefutable. Working with the military would be as solid as it gets.

Trump set out to drain the swamp and give the government back to We the People. In order to do that, everything needs to be exposed. That includes exposing the failures of all three branches of government. We are about to find out whether or not we have truly reached a full-blown constitutional crisis.

Any way you look at it, the next few weeks should be extremely interesting. As I’ve stated already, I would be happy to be wrong in this situation, but I don’t think SCOTUS will overturn the election. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be one step closer to Trump’s return.

#14 Devolution: The Invisible Enemy (12-11-2021) | Reading
This article is going to have a different vibe than the previous articles in my Devolution. I won’t be focusing on the actual Devolution operation, but instead on someone who has emerged as the key figure in common among the institutions and organizations that have gone all-in in attacking Trump.

I recently was sent a link to a Substack series titled “Prussia Gate.” As I have been reading through the Prussia Gate story (everything factually sourced), I have become more and more convinced that the enemy Trump is defeating through Devolution is an enemy that has sought control over the world population for centuries, if not longer. We’re simply facing the modern day version of the same invisible enemy.

This battle we are watching unfold isn’t merely Democrat vs. Republican. There is a global network of individuals, corporations, NGOs, and think tanks operating behind the scenes and puppeteering the political landscape and this is what Trump is seeking to dismantle. In this article I’m going introduce you to an individual that is connected with each of the major battles Trump faced in his first term.

The “Deep State” is very real. My entire goal for this article was to see if it was possible to find the connection between the four main “battles” waged against Trump. We all assumed they were connected, but my goal was to specifically find out how. These are the 4 main “battles” I considered:

  1. Spygate
  2. Ukraine Impeachment
  3. Covid-19
  4. The 2020 Election

As I was looking at each of the above from a 40,000 ft view, a specific name kept showing up. That name is David Rubenstein, one of the co-founders of The Carlyle Group.

The first thing that struck me was how The Carlyle Group used political relationships for financial gain.

The Carlyle group has powerful bipartisan political connections.

Carlyle group has a few “shady” but relevant (to our story) investors (Soros & Alwaleed).

Rubenstein’s ex wife is connected to Ghislane Maxwell.

Just so we’re clear, David Rubenstein chairs an advisory board for Tsinghua University in China. This is the university that Xi Jinping graduated from and is the premier training university for future leaders of the CCP. This connection is massive.

In September of 2015, Barack Obama hosted a state dinner at the White House honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping. Here is a link to the guest list which is worth scrolling through. I could argue that this entire list is the roster for the deep state. Rubenstein and his (then) wife Alice were in attendance.

Rubenstein also has a few ties to Jeffrey Epstein (in addition to his wife Alice Rogoff and her own connection to Ghislane Maxwell). First, both Rubenstein and Epstein were members of the Trilateral Commission.

In this section I’m going to outline how David Rubenstein and/or his affiliations were involved in each of the “battles” Trump faced throughout his first term. Some connections are stronger than others but the connections are there none-the-less.

We’re seeing more and more come out showing that the Brookings Institution is heavily involved in the Spygate Hoax and that involvement leads us to David Rubenstein and The Carlyle Group.

I want to examine the timeline of some major events that have unfolded in Ukraine in recent memory. In Devolution - Part 12, I described how our government used its color revolution playbook against Donald Trump throughout his entire first term in office. It is the same playbook that has been used for years to overthrow regimes in other countries, as in the eastern European country of Ukraine.

The whole Ukraine fiasco appears to be about forcing Ukraine to allow private sector gas companies to move in and take part of Ukraine gas energy. Remember in 2013 the Carlyle group started the Carlyle International Energy Partners specifically to invest in energy outside North America. Remember that Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma. Clearly both the Carlyle Group and the Biden family stood to benefit. Is that why they rushed to impeachment? Was it to stop Trump from sniffing around?

Whatever is really going on, David Rubenstein is connected to the Ukraine situation and Donald Trump’s first impeachment.

So once again, we have another major hoax played upon the United State of America (the stolen 2020 election) and one of the companies accused of perpetrating that hoax has ties to The Carlyle Group.

The final affiliation I’d like to mention of David Rubenstein’s is that he is the President of a group called The Alfalfa Club, and it is through this affiliation that his connection to Prussia Gate becomes clear.

Every year, this group gets together to celebrate the birthday of Robert E. Lee. It would be worth your time to browse the list of Alfalfa Club Members. It’s a “who's who” of “deep state” players. These are the same hypocritical, race baiting mega rich politicians and oligarchs urging people to tear down the statues of the Robert E. Lee they celebrate every year.

I cannot stress to you how important it is to go through and read the linked pamphlet. The pamphlet discusses secret documents going back as far as 5000 BC and discusses that that whoever possesses these documents will have power over everything and everyone else. I’m not telling you to believe story as presented in the pamphlet, you need to decide that for yourself. At the end of this pamphlet there is something that seemed to jump off the page for me. When I read it, I actually got goosebumps.

What are the chances that David Rubenstein is the President of the Alfalfa Club and that very club’s origins are based upon supposed documents once held by the Kaiser of Germany (King of Prussia)? Whether the “secret documents” are real or not, the pamphlet itself is and so is the connection it provides.

As you read through Prussia Gate, and I once again can’t stress how important it is you do so, you’ll come to the same conclusion I did - the Prussia Gate story is impossible to deny. It’s also undeniable that Devolution is happening as we speak. David Rubenstein and the Alfalfa club serve as the connection point between Prussia Gate and Devolution.

The Prussian model of “infiltration instead of invasion” was the only way to defeat America. They almost succeeded. The complexity of the NGOs and global corporations involved in global politics is the modern day version of the Prussian method of control that has developed over hundreds of years and it cannot be dismantled overnight. Trump and the devolution team have been facing a monumental task. Part of defeating this enemy is becoming aware of who they are and how they operate. How can you defeat an enemy that operates only in the shadows?

By not allowing them to operate in the shadows any longer.

Trump stepped out of the spotlight of the Presidency and left an open stage for the invisible enemy to be placed in full view. Fully exposed, they have brought about their own doom, guided by the steady hand of the devolution operation.

#15 Devolution: Vaccine Bewilderment | Reading
It is also important to watch this 15 minute clip from Clif High that is referenced in #15
Here is Clif's Bitchute channel
Here is Clif's Telegram channel
I’ve said from day one that I wanted to stay away from discussing the vaccine because it’s such a divisive topic and there is still so much we don’t know. I’m finally going to discuss this topic in my devolution series because there was a bombshell dropped in the news recently. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but there is a picture starting to emerge.

One thing I will state for certain: Trump’s pro-vaccine stance is directly related to devolution and his dismantling of the Deep State.

How is it possible that the Biden administration has been failing so miserably? No matter the crossroads, they choose the path that hurts the Deep State, and benefits Donald Trump.

How is it possible for a regime to successfully steal an election, only to fail so completely at implementing their agenda?

I certainly didn’t coin the term, but it’s appropriate to use it now: Trump and his team have installed Judas Goats among the enemy.

The idea that Trump’s Judas Goats have infiltrated the enemy helps us to understand some of Trump’s actions. Not only do Judas Goats guide the enemy into poor decisions, but they can also provide intel to the good guys. Judas Goats or no, Trump and his team have been ten steps ahead of the enemy. They always seem to know what the enemy is going to do next. COVID is a perfect example of this orchestrated foreknowledge.

I’m going to prove to you that Trump knew the enemy’s pandemic plans in advance. That advanced knowledge made Trump and team able to make appropriate countermoves.

Here are just a few of the many examples of our medical experts “preparing and planning” for a pandemic:

  • Harvard Global Health Institute - “The theme for the Fall 2017 seminar series was “Pandemic Preparedness: Improving Science, Technology, & Access.”
  • Clade X - “Clade X was a day-long pandemic tabletop exercise conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security on May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC.”
  • Event 201 - “The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019”

Trump and team would have known all of these publicly available facts. Couple this information with the likely idea that Trump has Judas Goats among the enemy, and I have no doubt they anticipated the release of some sort of virus. So naturally, if Donald Trump and his team anticipated the release of a virus, they would have taken steps of their own to counter it.

There is one section of the National Security Strategy that gives us our first glimpse of Trump addressing the potential threat of a pandemic.

This screenshot from the December 2017 NSS describes the COVID pandemic we have been living through almost perfectly - “demonstrated the impact of biological threats on national security by taking lives, generating economic losses, and contributing to a loss in confidence in government institutions.” It’s as if Trump knew then that a pandemic would be used to steal an election and contribute to the loss in confidence in our government.

Since the beginning of his Presidency, Donald Trump and our military have viewed China as the biggest threat to not just America, but Democracy everywhere.

There were “hints” of a pandemic that might arise During Trump’s administration. NGO’s and universities with sketchy ties to the “Deep State” were running “pandemic exercises”.

Now is when we need to recall what I told you about the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA) also known as the National Security Advisor. Not only was the position of National Security Advisor given a lead role for Federal biodefense efforts, but it was also given one of the most important roles in the implementation and execution of devolution laid out by EO 13961. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to read Devolution - Part 13 to understand the importance of EO 13961.

On September 10, 2019, President Trump fired John Bolton as the National Security Advisor.

On September 18, 2019, Robert O’Brien took office as the National Security Advisor.

The very next day, on September 19th, 2019, Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13887: Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health.

Section 3 of EO 13887 established the National Influenza Vaccine Task force which is co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Health and Human Services (remember I told you to keep the position of Secretary of Health and Human services in mind). The task force was created to “achieve the objectives identified in section 2” of EO 13887.

The final interesting thing within EO 13887 is what it tasked to the Secretary of Defense.

So not only did EO 13887 establish a National Influenza Task Force that reported to the President through key people we know to be involved in devolution, but it also allowed for the Department of Defense to collaborate with the HHS to design and evaluate influenza vaccines.

This is massively important when we look at some news that just recently came out related to the Army and Vaccines. On December 21, 2021, Defense One published a bombshell of an article: "US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say".

So in early 2020 (With Trump as President) the DOD began research on a vaccine that was effective against not just Covid-19 but all “previous SARS-origin viruses” and all future variants. They have been working on this for almost two years and nearly all of Walter Reed’s 2,500 staff have had some role in the development and this is the first we heard about it. This vaccine would be the death blow to the NWO plans.

Operation Warp Speed established a partnership between DoD and HHS to support the development, manufacture, and distribution of vaccines.

Within the framework of OWS, the DoD and HHS are assisting Big Pharma in fast-tracking their vaccine development, manufacturing, and distribution. We know Big Pharma is part of the Deep State and would love to keep us in a perpetual state of vaccines and variants. If Trump hadn’t issued EO 13887 and then implemented OWS, it could have taken years upon years before we ever saw a vaccine, and that perpetual nightmare of variants and vaccines would have become a reality. Just how long would they have kept us locked down? Instead, EO 13887 paved the way for fast-tracked vaccines and the DoD and HHS helped get these Big Pharma vaccines to the public ASAP. This heroically sabotaged the Deep State’s original plan. Their entire timeline was overhauled and replaced with Trump’s timeline.

Trump’s pro-vaccine stance isn’t geared towards his base. A majority of his supporters will still vote for him regardless, and those same supporters still won’t get the jab even though Trump supports it. Trump knows all of this. Trump has taught his base to question what the mainstream media and government officials tell us. Trump has taught us to do our own research and use our freedom of choice to make the decision we feel is best. So if his pro-vax stance isn’t geared towards his supporters, we can logically determine it’s for those who don’t support him.

Clif High has presented what I would consider to be the best explanation of Trump’s pro-vaccine stance. His brief 15 minute video outlines it. It’s a great theory that fits the facts available to us.

When Trump talks about the vaccines, we simply can’t take him at face value. EO 13887 and OWS dramatically accelerated all timelines, causing the Deep State to panic and go all-in on increasingly unhinged mandates, variants, and vaccines. Don’t forget what Trump’s ultimate goal here is - he is trying to unite America against those who seek to control and destroy us. He is engineering a mass awakening and he has to do so while carefully navigating the COVID and vaccine situation. How do you reach the half of the population who have been savagely indoctrinated by the leftist universities and mainstream media? They believe the vaccines are literally the only solution to ending the pandemic. How would the media react to Trump coming out against the vaccine?

We can speculate all day long as to why Trump is doing what he is doing but we won’t have the answers until the dust settles. If you’re looking for why he has been so consistent in his pro-vax stance, you won’t find the answer here but this is what I can tell you - Donald Trump knew a pandemic was coming and he took steps to prepare for it.

What his military vaccine news demonstrates to us is that we still don’t have the full picture of what is truly going on behind the scenes in the war against the Deep State. You know who does have the full picture?

President Donald John Trump.

Let’s not lose faith in him now.