Col Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine Calls for Treaty & Peace Conference! Admitting Defeat!

by Inner Vision [1-15-2024 published].

(People in the West, United States, NATO, Ukraine, & Europe must really come to terms with what has been happening in Ukraine. Col Douglas Macgregor is one of the few who understands what has happened, has a relevant historical & military background, and refuses to lie about the issues. Consider paying close attention to his observations and then helping wake others up for the benefit of our own country & freedom. — RAD)

In a candid interview, Col. Douglas Macgregor puts forth a controversial perspective, claiming that Russia emerged victorious months ago in the Ukraine conflict. Macgregor accuses President Zelensky of misleading both the U.S. and Ukrainian people, alleging a motive to secure additional tax dollars and prolong the engagement, resulting in more Ukrainian soldiers losing their lives. Join us as we delve into the nuances of Macgregor's assertions, examining the evidence and considerations that contribute to his viewpoint. This interview prompts a critical examination of the narratives surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict and invites viewers to assess the complexities of the geopolitical landscape.


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