Col Douglas Macgregor: It’s OVER! There is no coming back from this!

by Inner Vision [1-14-2024 published].

(People in the West, United States, NATO, Ukraine, & Europe must really come to terms with what has been happening in Ukraine. Col Douglas Macgregor is one of the few who understands what has happened, has a relevant historical & military background, and refuses to lie about the issues. Consider paying close attention to his observations and then helping wake others up for the benefit of our own country & freedom. — RAD)

In a bold and somber assessment, Col. Douglas Macgregor declares that the Ukraine conflict is irreversibly concluded with Russia as the victor. Simultaneously, he criticizes Israel, accusing them of seeking financial and military support for what he terms as an ongoing genocide against Palestinians. Macgregor also raises concerns about the impending conflict with the Houthis in Yemen, depicting the current global situation as a total disaster and a failure on the part of President Biden. Join us as we explore the complexities of Macgregor's analysis, examining the evidence and perspectives that contribute to his grim evaluation of current international affairs. This interview sparks a crucial conversation about the state of world affairs and the challenges faced on multiple fronts.


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