Clif High: Military Oversee 2024 Elections? Kirk Elliot: Economic Turmoil?

by Man in America [9-10-2023 published].

(The wide ranging discussion with Clif High goes until 1:36:50. Although Clif has a lot of good insights from his data analysis, his observations in theology and some other areas don't always correlate with my understanding, so use your own discernment. Kirk Elliott then discusses economics and clearly explains what is going on, regardless of what the government is saying. He is also a student of history and points out the sequence of things that always happen in situations like we are in. Both are excellent discussions and worth your attention. — RAD) Clif High on Twitter Clif High's Substack Kirk Elliott PhD Private Advisors is a cutting edge consulting agency that redefines and reimagines what consulting is. Our team rolls up our sleeves, gets into your world and blends your wants with your needs as we partner with our clients to make yesterday’s dreams become today’s reality. We believe in people over profit. Let’s face it–companies that focus on profit will have people leave. If you focus on people the profit will come. Our team lives that philosophy and incorporates it into every relationship we have. Kirk Elliott PhD Private Advisors is based in Denver, Colorado and does business in all states.