Chatting with Pepe Escobar about his career & important world issues, the geopolitical Yoda

by Geopolitics Demystified [6-1-2024 published].

(This is an excellent interview of Pepe Escobar. It starts off by reviewing Pepe's journey through the world of journalism to achieve his long term goal of analyzing & writing about important geopolitical issues. One of the things that sets Pepe apart from others is that he has actually traveled & lived in all of the countries he writes about. He has taken the time to get to know the people & understand the politics in those many regions. For quite some time it has been obvious to me that Pepe has an in depth understanding about these topics and is able to see patterns & connect the dots that others miss. — RAD)

Dive into the world of groundbreaking journalism with our host as he interviews one of the best journalists in the world, Pepe Escobar. Renowned for his witty writing style and profound understanding of geopolitics, Pepe is a true roving nomad who goes beyond the confines of traditional foreign correspondents. Unlike those stationed in a single city, Pepe's global travels grant him unparalleled insights into the seismic geopolitical transformations of our time.

In this engaging interview, we explore Pepe's visionary perspectives, from predicting a multipolar world in 2008 to his early recognition of the Belt and Road Initiative's potential in 2013. With a career spanning continents—from Brazil to London, Los Angeles to Paris, and eventually to Asia—Pepe has been a prolific writer for Asia Times and other notable publications.

Join us as Pepe shares his piercing, bold, and critical analysis of global events, covering regions like Russia, Iran, China, Europe, and Latin America. We'll also delve into his views on current conflicts, including the Ukraine conflict and the war in Gaza, providing a comprehensive overview of the dangerous times we live in.

32:13 Ukraine conflict discussion
36:08 BRICS is the real thing
38:40 Challenges of multipolar world
42:40 Obama’s pivot to Asia
44:50 Russia-China strategic partnership
47:14 Bigger picture of Ukraine conflict
49:14 Iran is the big prize for “Ziocons”
52:20 Russia the glue in Global South
54:17 Japan stuck in a bubble
59:13 End of the American Dream

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