Brigitte Gabriel Explains Destructive History of Hamas in Middle East with Dr Ben Carson

by Act For America [11-17-2023 published].

(I have a lot of respect for Dr. Ben Carson & Brigitte Gabriel. She is a Christian who had to live many of her teenage years in a cramped bomb shelter with her parents in Lebanon during the war. She eventually escaped to Israel where she was a news anchor for a number of years before emigrating to the United States. She is very familiar with the different factions in the Middle East and reminds us of important historical & current facts that the mainstream news, our government, & many others tend to ignore. I have known about Brigitte Gabriel for many years and what she has been doing to wake people up. A friend in Israel sent this interview link to me. I also realize that I need to rethink some of Scott Ritter's observations about the Middle East. It is a huge challenge to understand the many conflicting issues being played out in the Middle East, especially when we don't understand a lot of the underlying history. — RAD)